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Lamesauce–thanks Amazon

So i found out from CoG today that Amazon has decided they will no longer be publishing ‘content apps’ on kindle.  This of course, means all CoG games…including Way Walkers.  Now we had been waiting to release the game on kindle until we had both part one and two done (b/c kindle doesn’t support the saved game feature) but now the only option is to submit the single first half just so we have SOME kind of Way Walkers presence on kindle before the actual novel comes out.  However, there is no promise that Amazon will approve of the Way Walkers first half because of it’s ‘cliffhanger ending’ and NO possibility of kindle readers to ever see the second half at all.

To my fans, my deepest apologies.  To Amazon: thanks a bunch, you suck.

~j. leigh



^ my word for when things aren’t going as planned.  I’ve been down the last week with a pretty nasty cold, and have been just barely dragging myself into work.  Needless to say i have little brain left for writing, though i’ve been working on other things in little snippets.  I finished a picture i’ve been picking at since august, and started in on some of the WW:U artwork for the sequel.  I was also given the Dragonborn expansion for Skyrim for Valentine’s day, so in between my blurry sick i’ll be off killing tentacled dragon-born servants or something.  XD

Anyways, enjoy the art and have a good holiday!Image  Umbrave in progress.  ^_^