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Spiltting the difference

SO, after a lot of consideration, soul searching and just general plotting, i think i’m going to cut the second semester of WW:U into two parts.  There’s a lot of reasons behind this, but the primary one is i just have WAY too much i want to put into the thing, and if  keep going as i’ve been, not only will i need to charge, like, 4.99 for it when it comes out, it’s going to be literally years before it does.  The other is for my sanity, because as someone recently summed up perfectly: “you don’t want to be left feeling as if you’re pouring all of your writing into a black hole.”  And that’s where i’ve been, pouring more and more time and energy into whats feeling like a three-year long black whole which shall never be complete.  Splitting it will actually make me get this thing done, vs dragging my feet feeling like i’m getting no-where.


I have also found out this week that there will be a delay in the publication of the Tazu novel–no one’s fault or anything it’s just the way it works out sometimes. (and the price i pay for writing really long novels lol)  I don’t know how much of a delay, but i will say that late 2013 doesn’t look to be happening right now.  Much more likely it will be in early 2014, which i’m fine with b/c i have more time to work on sequels.  :p  However, i don’t feel that’s fair to the loyal fans, and i’d rather push to see if we can get the next WW:U installment done for the fall.  No promises, as i have no clue how fast the editing will be, but yeah, we’re talking that much sooner of a release if i can tweak a few things.


So, what are you getting in the continuation, what is now the ‘middle’ portion of a trilogy?  Well, for all of you who REALLY hate Jun or Sem, there’s a lovely chance you can have a nice big confrontation with one of them–leading to several possible ‘endings’.  For those not quite so hating of them, you can discover a few choice plot points about llyan Gesisi–including the discovery of her research’s hiding spot.  Everyone’s got a chance to up their stats, engage in the first few weeks of classes (of which you get to pick two of them), and get involved in the dating scene at Tar’citadel.  There are, of course, a few more plot-related twists in there, so be prepared for some major surprises, especially with regards to Jun’s past if you are friendly with him/her. 😉


There shall also be the option to start directly with the second half with either a saved game OR i’m going to be making up some ‘stock characters’ for readers to choose from.  These will be characters that have their stats preset as if they’d ‘played’ through the game once before.  They’ll have little bios for you to read, thus bringing you up to speed on what choices they’ve made, and you can then customize them to suit your gender and name your Angel Guide, respectively. 


What you won‘t see, is the over a dozen ‘endings’ i’ve got plotted out, nor the gauntlet of classes vs social life/plot stuff, or the second round of dating your special someone.  You’ll get a little bit of the latter two in the first section, but it won’t kick into high-gear until the third, and swear it will be the final, part.  Most likely i shall be opening the third portion with the ‘birthday party’ i’d planned for the mid-break of the semester.  of course, it’s never just a birthday party in Tar’citadel. 😉


So, i’m going to be trying to button this up for you guys this spring–but it wll depend on when i get the content edit back from the publisher for the Tazu novel.  As said, i don’t know about the editing time, nor the artwork, as i’m going to be trying to hire an artist to get the pictures done.  if i can’t then there’s a good chance there won’t be any artwork in the next two parts.  I just have the time for it, sadly. 😦


Last, but not least–before i’m done, is there anything you guys want to see explained/wrapped up in the middle section?  Keep in mind i’m not reveling anything about Gesisi past what i said above–but is there anything else with the other characters or some tidbit of Tar’citadel culture from part one you’d like answered in part two?  I want to make sure the second installment still feels like the complete experience, so please, let me know either in the forums, the facebook page or go ahead and leave a comment here!


j. leigh


Very Nearly done chapter four

As the title says, I’m very nearly done chapter four of the WW:U sequel.  How many chapters? No clue.  There will be at least four more, i can promise that, though i have to admit the first four chapters of the sequel are already as long as the first part of WW:U if in word-count only.  B/c of the extensive branching, it’s reads as about 1/3 of that. *faints*


Anyways, the reason i’m posting is the chapter i’ve finished is the first week of classes, where a LOT happens, but i find myself wanting to add more with the classes as we go, as you ‘all seem to like that stuff.  (plus more powers are fun)  So i wanted to ask if anyone has any ideas/suggestions of things the MC can ‘do in said classes-specifically the Energy Manipulation, Telepathy, the Language courses and the Biology class.  I have tons of ideas myself (perhaps too many) but am have a hard time sorting the best kinds of *choices for said classes.


So i thought i’d see what you guys were thinking. ^_^

You can post thoughts here or in the respective forums.  I’ll be reading.

Crazy Days

Couple of quick updates:  It was a very busy week last week and there’s not been any writing going on.  I honestly don’t see a lot going on this week, either, as i’ve got both good and bad family stuff going on, so please forgive me for not banging out any more chapters. DX  On the fun note, a good friend of mine did some great fan art for the upcoming Tazu book:  and i’ve completely fallen in love with Red Adepts newest release Blood Echo.  Seriously, go buy this thing, OMG.

Shelly preview

So my brain is hitting WW:U overload again, and while i can say i got a lot done in the ‘classes start’ chapter 4, i haven’t gotten as much done on the overall story-arch skeleton as i wanted to.  Parts of chapter 2 are still not done, and i found a whole bunch of editing mistakes and continuity issues in the dating and dance chapter 3 which i must fix.  DX  Still, progress is progress.


Anyways, a lot of you guys have been clamoring for more information on the ‘new girl’, Shelly, so i decided to give-out a quick peek at her introduction in the game as a kind of ‘i’m so sorry this is taking so long’ gesture:


Entering the library, you find it incredibly silent with classes not in session. Every breath you take seems to echo loudly across its high ceilings. No wonder Sem wanted to meet here, you conclude. Moving about the aisles of books and tables however, you can’t seem to find him, and begin to worry that you’ve somehow missed the Clan boy.

“Looking for Semryu?”

You start a little at the sound of the unfamiliar voice. Turning, you recognize the fifteen-year-old girl who works in the library as her student job. She’s always reminded you of the Headmaster’s assistant Ives, as she has similar black hair in a bowl-cut and sleek, dark-rimmed glasses. She’s more attractive than Ives though, as her face isn’t always contorted in flustered panic, and her deep brown eyes have a much gentler mien.

“Yes,” you answer her. “You’re Shelly, right?”

“Yes,” she replies with a slip of a smile, shifting the pile of books in her arms. You get the distinct impression she’s pleased you’d remembered, given you’d only really spoken to her in passing. “And you’re Sem’s friend, Rei.”

“Yes, I am,” you nod. “Have you seen him?”

“I just let him up on the third level,” she gestures to the stairwell with her chin.

“Third level?” You follow her gaze, only to get a small shiver down your spine. “I didn’t know there was a third level. What’s up there?”

“Go see,” she says with that same small smile. “Just knock at the gate–Sem will let you in.”

“Gate?” You blink, surprised, but Shelly has already walked away. Resolved, you head up the stairwell, only to find, as promised, a tall metal gate filling the doorway and blocking your path. Through it, you can finally see Semryu, reading away calmly at a table. He raises his head when you knock, then comes over to let you in.



The 150 likes WW:U Preview

“So,” you ask, rubbing yours hand together eagerly.  “What’s this prank entail?  ‘Cause knowing you, it’s got to be more involved than freezing a punch bowl.”


Semryu bursts out laughing.  “Alright, alright you caught me.”  He shakes his head at you, grinning.  “Freezing is a distraction to keep innocent bystanders from falling prey to the true plan.  I’ve actually got a pretty interesting tincture here that will have a bit of a ‘fun’ effect on anyone who drinks it.  My main targets are Clay and Cael,” he chuckles.


“What will it do?”


“They will turn a lovely shade of blue,” he confesses, laughing.  “For at least twenty-four hours–and the best part is it won’t take effect until about halfway through the first day of school…”


“That sounds like just the right amount of mischief, Sem,” you snicker.  “Let’s go.”


Slipping away from the crowded dance floor, the pair of you slink along the parameter of the couches toward the tables of refreshments, seeking your targets.  “Well, there’s Cael watching the door, still,” you point-out.


“And there’s Clay on the dance floor with Genoa,” Sem comments, sounding annoyed.  “I can’t wait to see him blue–he’s been an uppity bastard in dueling ever since Genoa folded and agreed to come with him tonight.”


Really?” you blink, surprised.  Craning you neck to confirm, you do see her there with him.  Admittedly, the fellow Exemplary Talent doesn’t look all too enraptured by her date.  “I’d think Miss Martel had better sense than to date that brute.”


“So did I.”


“So how are we going to get them to get some punch,” you inquire, “and then how are we going to get your little ‘tincture’ into it before they drink it?”


“Well, to be safe, we probably can’t get both of them without risking more of the student populace turning blue,” he says as the pair of you come to stand near the tables of food and the intended punch bowl.  “Much as I enjoy a good prank, I don’t like humiliating the undeserving.  So, we need to pick who gets it–and I’m thinking it’s only fair you do the honors, ${sem_nickname}.”


            #”I want to get Clay–he needs to get knocked down a few pegs.”

                        *set cael_blue “false”

                        *goto make_clay_blue2

            #”Master Cael without question–I want to get him back for failing us last semester.”

                        *goto make_cael_blue2

Quick update

So my attempt to get the skeleton outline done for the WW:U turned into me working only on the first classes start scene, but i’ve made a bit of a dent in it, so i’m pleased-ish.  Still a lot of work to get done, and i’m hoping it will sort before i have to switch to the content edit for Way Walkers: Tazu.