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WW:U sequel preview: Kittles!

There’s also interactive exhibits throughout the Zoo, and you find yourself spending a great deal of time at the kittle tank, picking up and playing with these strange but sweet creatures. “Sharing characteristics with both small felines and turtles,” the zookeeper attendant explains to the crowd, “kittles are believed to have been another creation by Prothidian Altar, though what they were meant for is unknown. They are indigenous to Casfeild and Kinawa, and are at home both in and out of fresh water. There are over four dozen breeds, with varying types of markings, fur coverage, appendage dexterity and shell hardness.”

“Oh, my goodness, they are so cute!” Kess squeals over the little creatures, cuddling a particularly fuzzy one with black and orange stripes. “I could just snuggle them forever!”

“Looking for a new house pet, Kess?” you tease.

“I think they were house pets at one time,” Ay’cura comments, amusing her own kittle by splashing her fingers in the shallow tank. “But they can be difficult to care for, and as they are mostly food for bigger things in their natural habitat, they’re now endangered.” She grins, petting one to its high-pitched mews. “These are exactly the kinds of animals I want to work with after graduation.”

“Well, you are going to graduate with honors and do it!” Jun agrees, scratching the ears of a gray kittle. “And the rest of us will come over every day and play with them.”

You all have a good laugh over this and spend nearly an hour more at the exhibit before finally moving on.



A drabble is a 100 word short story.  Me and some of the authors over at Red Adept are having a bit of a ‘drabble party’ and all writing drabbles based on different themes.  This month is “Payback”, and this is my contribution:



by J. Leigh

Bullies suck.

Sammy languished under their jeers and sneers, day in, day out. “But that’s High School,” his father dismissed. “Suck it up.”

Alright, Sammy thought, bent over his work bench late into the night. I can ‘suck it up’, Dad.

Morning at the bus stop, bullies jeered and sneered, but Sammy fired back. A gasp, a sputter, a cough, and they were muddy water upon the ground. The bus arrived, and just one boy boarded. When street maintenance followed, vindication was had.

“There,” Sammy grinned, watching the robot vacuum the road as the bus pulled away. “All sucked up.”


For more awesome drabbles from other red adept authors:







Tired Way Walker is Tired.

Just to keep everyone in the loop– i’m knee deep and descending deeper into the content edit for the novel, so the CoG is taking a back burner for the moment.  i’ve also go business stuffs i’m doing for the craft faire season, so time is also split with that.  However, the good news is my wrists are doing better and my pace hasn’t ebbed despite the extra work, so yay!  ^_^


More updates when i can,


Fun Facts

The first WW:U is 145,811 words with code, and aprox 131229 without code.  Totaling 26 individual scenes, you can only read 20 of these during any one read through.  It took eight months working an average 6 hours a day to write. Its longest scene is the “clubs” scene, totaling over 24,00 words.


WW:U2 to date is 132,121 words, 118,908 of which is actual text without code.  There are four unfinished scenes in WW:U, making it very likely it will be longer than the original.  WW:U2 however has a total of only 14 scenes, only 10 of which you can read during a play through.  It’s longest scene is the dance scene, which totals over 42,000 words.  I’ve been working on the sequel for over ten months, though i have only averaged about 4 hrs a day working on it, as the time is split between that and the Way Walkers Tazu sequel.

More Art preview!

The Newest WW:U artwork from Christina!  Kess!
Click Here for Kess!

More to come! 

Unexpected Setbacks

They always happen, no matter what.  The current being is the unexpected swelling of my wrists and fingers….I don’t know why.  Perhaps working too much, i don’t know.  It means I’m typing slower and needing more breaks until i can sort whats happening.  Fun times.  The turnaround on the Content Edit for WW: Tazu is taking longer as well, but as i assume we’re doing a good portion of the line editing too, i hope that means the line editing and proofreading portions will go faster.  i hope.  Despite this, i’m still making progress, just slower.  The art is coming along well, and i should have another preview sketch for you guys to see soon. 


Till then, wish me luck on this wrist thing. :/