Vampric in nature, Clan is the term used within the Clan Lands to refer to the vampric ruling class.  A Clansman or a Clanswoman refer to those Born into the race, while a Changeling is one who is bitten, drained and undergone the proper rites to become Clan.  Changelings are sterile, with each other, Born Clan, humans and any other race.  Halflings occur in rare occasions between Born Clan and humans, usually those of a ‘sensitive’, magic wielding bloodline.  Unfortunately, Clan children tend to kill their mothers upon birth- whether the parent is human or Born Clan, respectively.  Clan are exceptionally powerful, while few; their population makes up approximately 1:1000 of the population of the Clan Lands, while Changelings add another 1:900. (Though this number does fluctuate, as Changelings are more often then not made during wartimes to increase the ranks.)  Born Clan are supposedly un-ageing once past their mid to late twenties, though those amongst the most Ancient of their race claim a very slow deterioration (approximately one year worth of aging over 1,000 years, supposedly.)  Changelings ‘burn out’ after approximately 200 years.  (They also retain their age right before the Change, so a Changling can appear to be only two years old and be a hundred years, while appear fifty and really be the same age.  Until they reach the end of their lifetime, where their age shall catch up with them all at once, usually over the last few years.)


All are immune to every natural human disease and a few unnatural as well; Born Clan heal at an exponential rate, though if they are pierced and the wound is unable to heal, they will bleed out. (hence the old, ‘stake in the heart’ legend, though any nice pointy left in the skin for an extended time shall do.)  Sunlight is an extreme hindrance to Born Clan and Changelings during the first two months of life- extended exposure during this time is fatal.  Sunlight continues to be a hindrance to Born Clan and Changelings during their lifetimes, suffering minor to sever hindrances in strength, alertness, constitution and health dependent on birth clan & age.  Changelings tend to be less affected by sunlight than their Born counterparts, but they also heal at a slower rate and are not as physically/ psychically strong.


Feeding is a requirement for all Clan; human blood is best, but animals of a larger nature can substitute. (The hersha, the cow-like beasts of burden in the clan lands actually are the most common substitute, and truthfully, account for more than 75% of necessary blood in-take.)  The younger the Clan, the more often the need for Feeding; children and new Changelings are required to feed sometimes as often as twice a day, adult Clan usually require Feeding three to four times a week.  Feeding does enhance Ability and fuel some natural Talents, so Feeding beyond that of ‘need’ does occur.  (One pint of blood per Feeding should do it to keep-up quality health.)  Failure to Feed will result in the collapse of the bodily functions, followed by madness, and eventual death.  The feeling of missing one too many Feedings has been described as drowning in air; it is not a pleasant way to die, and Clan shall become incited to Feed if left unchecked.  Clan do not require oxygen to live; though many do reflexively breathe.  (Food is also not a necessity in large quantities, Clan need only eat only about as often as they get hungry- which averages based on metabolism; some eat solid food as often as three meals a day for enjoyment, while as long as several weeks out of true need.)


Society:  Clan emerged from eight Originals; eight humans who were Changed in a way lost to time, and from them created an entirely new race.  The eight Originals, also known as Rhean’s generals during the Great Fall, later founded the four great clans of the Clan Lands. (listed below)  Many other clans emerged as bloodlines split off over the millennia.  Clan rule under a feudal system, with each clan run by a First, who is essentially the ruling lord of a province.  Firsts are chosen from a First Family (Born Clan), whose bloodline is usually descended from the Originals, or the founding Clanmember of their particular clan.  Lesser Clan families rule over smaller sections of giant provinces, while a human noble class, known as the Calopi, over see all manner of life in between.  The Emperor rules over all, and is based out of the city Clanna-Ca’sta, known also as the Obsidian City.  Believed to be a descendant of Rhean himself, the Emperor claims both a Clan and Dragon Nation bloodline, respectively.


All Clan are dedicated to Rhean, as he is considered their founder and savior, though this dedication has waned in recent years.  It is their covenant to protect their human charges, as it is their dependence upon them that requires Clan to repay this debt; this belief also, is waning.

Mannachi clan

Colors: rouge and cadmium yellow, crest is a yellow thunderbird over a field of rouge.

Founders: Originals, Marin Manna (deceased) & Erin Manna (believed alive).  Marin Manna was the half-brother of Rhean in the time of the Great Fall, who charged himself with ridding the world of the Red Dragon after the Red’s minions murdered Rhean approximately two hundred years after the Fall.  However, in his attempt to do so, Marin delved too deep into the Red Magic, and supposedly had his heart eaten out by the Red Dragon for his efforts.  Because of this, all Manna descendants and Mannachi Clan are highly susceptible to the Red’s Taint.  They are also the most harsh when it comes to the treatment of human vassals; reports of inhuman treatment abound in their provinces.

Capital: Terabrook

Sanamanch clan

Colors: sky and navy blue, crest is a sky rose on an indigo field, symbolizing the convenient with their human brethren as a flower in the hue of life blooming over the hue of death.

Founders: Originals David and Salina Sana .  Far more benevolent to the human race than the Mannachi, the Sanamanch hold a reputation for powerful insights into ‘human nature’, as well as the highest susceptibility to sunlight of the Clans.  Salina Sana was said to be the full-blooded sister to Rhean during the time of the Great Fall, this allows for their close ties to the Emperor’s line and their position as diplomats to the rest of the continent.  They are also known artisans, and masters of dragon-back military units.

Capital: Gregwer


Ashoni clan

Colors: magenta and lavender, crest, a crossbow over the Ashoni wall.

Founders: Originals Orrick and Annette Ashton.  Orrick holds position of guardian of Clanna-Ca’sta’s ‘vault’- no one save the emperor knows its contents.  Ashoni are the most dedicated to their protective role as Rhean’s children, being near-obsessed with keeping the dreaded Middle Lands Taint from breaching the border.

Capital: Mirdra


Danamani clan

Colors: bottle green and gold, crest–a ‘iron butterfly’ in gold over a field of green.

Founders: Originals Alun and Juliana Danal’s whereabouts, alive or dead, are unknown.  This bereaves their clan little, however, as the Danamani are quite jovial in nature, and believed to have some sort of distant connection to Bree. (many a Bard comes out of Danamani)  They are thinkers and thespians, creators of the first theaters and founders of many a danjin; bath houses that sometimes serve as legitimate/illegal bordellos, depending on the province.  Their bodies are the most fragile of the Born Clan, but their ability to generate wealth in the most unusual of ways & their large hand in the economy makes up for any lack of military force.

Capital: Yama


Country of origin: The Clan, obviously, make-up the Clan Lands.  The Clan Lands does hold some special mention however, as it is the oldest nation, and the land from which all other races spread-out from.  Its capital, Clanna-Ca’sta, was the first city created after the Great Fall and holds a collected history equal if not succeeding that of Tar’citadel.


At their best:  Clan can be the ultimate ‘protectors’, full of righteous honor and steadfast loyalty to those they are sworn to out of love and respect.  They can be compassionate, wise and patient, as well as cunning and quick.

At their worst: Clan can be power-hungry and gluttonous, foregoing their Life’s Pact ideals and becoming vicious and devious killers.

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