Monthly Archives: July 2017

Some progress on the WWU updates

So, i have managed to add a whopping 15k worth of new words– an entirely new choice scene set –to WW:U2, not counting code. 😉  That’s a pretty impressive amount in a little over two months, and while not as much as i’ve once been capable of, it’s still pretty darn good for what i’ve been doing lately, which has been a whole lot of nadda DX. Anyways i’m pleased with the set, and hopefully everyone will enjoy the chance to pick out outfit for the dance with either Jun, Sem, Kess or (to a lesser extent) your Angel.  Now that it’s done, i’m going to continue editing the rest of WW:U2, adding in the gender options and general edits.


As far as WW:U1 and the new scene contest goes, i’ve got everyone’s ideas saved in my inbox, and while i *do* have a front runner, i’m going to hold off announcing a winner until i really sit down and try to write the scene, to make sure it works within the narrative well before telling everyone. (and it gives me the right to change my mind and try a another of the ideas if it doesn’t work) I will probably go back and add that once i’m done the edits for WW:U2.


I shall also be including new unlock-able achievements for WW:U1&2, and if anyone has any suggestions for those feel free to leave them in the comments. (essp for WWU1)


As far as Tazu Saga #3 goes, i *think* the overall issue that had been plaguing me has been achieved, but to fix it requires me basically rewriting the entire back quarter-of the book, somewhere around 30k words worth. So while i’m confident i’m finally on the correct track, i do know it will still be a bit until i can reshuffle the mess.


~j. leigh