Way of Protection

Way of Protection

Original artwork by J. Leigh– stock poses taken from  danger99stock.deviantart.com

Obsidian Dragon, Rhean

The Way of the Protector has its roots in the eradication of the Red and the Taint of the Red in the lands.  Rhean himself is the masculine aspect of the Obsidian Dragon, often depicted in mortal form as a man with dark hair and color-shifting eyes.  Some of his more unique mortal powers include dark fire and an ability to reach into people’s souls, find their sins, and then turn their own flaws upon them.  He is the guardian of the Ways, and is said to have been the one to have thrown the Red into the Pit.  Patron of all types of bodyguard, he is the Child to call upon when looking to battle evil.  Spies and rouges also have an affinity with him, and mothers of Kubesh warriors will ask him to watch their sons’ backs in battle.  He is also the figurehead of the Clan Lands social order, considered by the Clan race to be their own personal savior.

His Aspect: the feminine aspect of Rhean, called Ra’vien or simply ‘the Punisher’, is often depicted as a Black Phoenix, or ‘Shadow Bird’.  In mortal form she is almost always an athletic but feminine-featured woman with long black hair and light to dark green eyes.  She, along with Rosin, are said to have created the Continent out of the water, and later Clana-Ca’sta, as a safe place to live after the Great Fall.  She is supposed to be the issuer of ‘divine justice’ and is often prayed to when a villain’s identity is unknown to make certain they receive proper punishment.

Founded Nation: Clan Lands

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