Monthly Archives: December 2014

I did it!

I actually completed NaNoWriMo! Final word count: 50,290 words in a month! I’m honestly really shocked that i was able to do it. I had migraines, aches pains, writs problems, and my back is currently just destroyed, but i finished. The sequel for Tangled Paths went from 114,620 words to 164,360 words in thirty days. Now, while i finished the first of the three sections of the book, i’m still not done this thing. I still have a bit to go, probably in the realm of another 30-40k words if my past holds consistent. Afterwards, it’ll be worked and tweaked and the total number will drop, but my goal is to turn in a 180k novel to my publisher sometime early next year. Then we have content editing and line editing and all that fun stuff– while i’ll probably make notes and outlines for the third book in Jathen’s saga.

And then my loves, i will turn my eyes once more to Way Walkers University 3. ^.^