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Married…on to the next chapter!

So, the big day was on August 17th, and i am now officially wed to my one true love and twin flame. Yay! *faints from relief*

Now that’s officially over with (it did go wonderfully, btw) i can once more turn my eyes back to Way Walkers. A year ago i told myself i would be done the sequel to Tangled Paths and be halfway through if not completed WW:U3 by now, but i had not the power to foresee either the wedding nor my crippling carpal tunnel. Though i have despite these troubles managed to more than double the word count in the TP sequel, from 40k words to 95k, i have done very little with WW:U3 beyond notes. However, as said, i am now married, and in a few weeks shall become one with my new husband’s health insurance, and thusly will receive the carpal tunnel surgery so very much needed. This will hopefully clear up a huge chunk of my writing issues, as i will actually be ABLE to write again for more than 20 min at a time. I am also, as said, working diligently on a plot that will increase the speed of not only the release of WW:U3, but perhaps make it possible for more CoG type of interactive novels to continue to be released for the Way Walker World. It’s still hush-hush at the moment, and i can not reveal it until i am 100% positive it’s going to go through, but cross your fingers with me, and wish for the best. On all fronts.

j. leigh