Tazu Saga Glossary

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Terms, Races, People, Children and Ways For Tazu Saga


Ability: term referring to magical or supernatural aptitude, classified formally into five major categories: empathy (emotional or energy), medium (emotional or visual) telepathy, precognition, and energy manipulative.

Ahalteke: half-Tazu, half-Msāfryan trader.

Akira, Master: Way Walker of Rosin, head of matter deconstruction

Alodie: owner of a boarding house in Ca’june.

Altaiss: a Tazu of Dodbyen.

Amtmann: leader of the sanbarna of Dodbyen.

Annakki Rheadani: daughter of Bolynne and Car’son Rheadani, mother of Dor’rhean Rheadani

Angani: the Child that represents the Way of Purity.  Also see Pearl Dragon.

Angel Guide: a Guide attached to a mortal soul that has never been born to physical body itself; they watch their Charge and offer advice and spiritual guidance.

Annarite: the race of the Red and natural inhabitants of the Middle Lands. Known also as ‘the Tainted’.

Anorna: High Walker of Feator.

Antqāl Mdynh: ‘moving city’. The native Msāfryan name for the city of Zo’den.

Anziz Annesi: meaning “Pious mother” in Aralic, the title Anziz means ‘one is so sacred they are beyond reproach’ in Aralim culture. Anziz Annesi refers to a generous woman living outside of Tarshishum who works with Annarite children deemed ‘unclean’ by Aralim culture.

A’ron De’contes: former Red follower/Red Mage and head of the Balori order of the Red. He is also responsible for the murder of Yvette Ashton, the last Avatar of Rhean: Car’son des Rheadani de la Rhean, and the Aspect of Rhean: Bolynne des Rheadani de la Ra’vien.

Aralim: the Nation founded by Angani followers.  Shares a border with the Tazu Nation.

Arsenopyrith Torberniss: ‘Arseno’, Lord of Cinnabarith province, head of the Torberniss bloodline and Kyanith’s eldest son.

Ascended: term referring to an Incarnation of one of the Children that has Awaked and come into their full power.

Aspect: term referring to the ‘other side’ of each of the Twelve Children. They are the Incarnations of the Children’s twin-flames.

Ass’shiri Tan: Way Walker, Path of the Kasior, part of Setsu’s crew.

Avatar: term referring to the Awakened and Ascended Incarnation of one of the Children; the mortal body of the Child Awakened.

Avenea: the chosen race of Feator and residents of the country Casfeild, they are characterized by an almost turtle-like appearance, with bone-like plates covering their arms and legs, and a shell-like plate coving a large portion of their backs.

Awakened: term referring to souls, usually Avatars, who remember more than one lifetimes’ worth of experiences.  An Awakened Avatar usually indicates full memory of all their previous past-lives.


Balori: the Balori movement is a divergent Path amid the Red that believes the Red went mad and must be brought-back to Spirit.

Basimess: High Montage Walker before Hausmannith. 

Bawan: a Beleskie Way Path that specializes in match-making

Beleskie: Rose Quartz Dragon, Child of Love and Relationships.

Bertrandith Larsenitiss: Royal Adviser to the King’s Office, heir the Larsenitiss house and Kyanith Monortith’s youngest son.

Bolynne des Rheadani de la Ra’vien: historical figure of the Clan Lands, the last Awakened Aspect of Rhean. Murdered by A’ron De’contes.

Born, Born Clan: referring to Clan that were born vampiric Clan, verses a human that was Changed into Clan.

bound: Tazu unit of measurement, equal to # lengths, one mile or 1.6 kilometers.

Bree: Child of Creativity, the Amber Dragon.

Bron: Aspect of Bree, he who embodies application while Bree embodies inspiration.


Car’son des Rheadani de la Rhean: historical figure, the last Avatar of Rhean to Walk and be emperor of the Clan Lands. Murdered by A’ron De’contes.

Casfeild: a country on the southern border of Tar’citadel and home to the Avenea race. Founded by the Avatar of Feator.

Cathiny Mountains: the highest, longest mountain range on the Continent.

Cathiny River: river running beside the Cathiny Mountains.

Chaotic: an evil soul meant for the Pit that did not get there, but instead ‘hijacked’ the body of a still-born child and proceeded to live a life in the new living body.

Cinnabarith Province: a province in the northern Tazu Nation, bordering the Middle Lands. Seat of the Torberniss bloodline.

Citra: Tazu female born in Dodbyen, peach-scaled and pale yellow hair, pale green eyes.

Clan: the vampiric race of the Clan Lands.

Clan Lands: one of the largest countries on the continent and home of both human and Clan. Founded by Rhean.

Clemi: Way Walker, Path of the Mei, greeter at Véridique Meison

Clevelandith Freibergith Grandidieriss: Current mate of the Queen.  Father of Dolomith Monortith

Chalcanth Torberniss: ‘Chalca’, first daughter and heir to the Torberniss bloodline.

Changed: to be changed/ having been changed into Clan. (Humans are the only race able to be Changed.)

Charge: term referring to the soul that Spirit Guides are assigned to watch and look after.

charm: a magical item, usually a crystal or metal, created to ‘hold’ a certain spell within itself.   Usually very small and meant for singular personal use.  See also, processer-charm, master-charm, or charm-device.

charm-device: a more complex version of a master-charm, a charm-device refers to an object that uses a charm spell or multiple charm spells in order to activate a third-party device.  It is usually small to medium in size and meant for personal use.  See also: charm, processer-charm, or master-charm.

Charm Master: a maker of master-charms.

Children, the: see also The Twelve.  They represent twelve facets of Spirit, and incarnate again and again to teach their different Ways to evolve the souls of mortals to once again become one with Spirit.

Chūjitsun: a manservant in Annakki’s household.

Coloradoiss Torberniss: ‘Colora’, second daughter of the Torberniss bloodline.

cor’mon: Tar’cil greeting meaning ‘good day’.

crystal-recorder: a charm-device usually including a recorder crystal, used to record information.  see also: recorder crystal

Cy’shā: empathic and precognitive Talent for Setsu’s crew, wife to Hkym

Cyaone D. Ja’han: historical figure, author of Lost in the Landscape.


D’ilinde: Msāfryan name for the Grand Artifact of Bree and Bron

Daughter of Desmoulein: a Way Path of Desmoulein, they are healers and doctors.

Dàshī Jidoja: High Mage merged with the element of air. Elected High Chancellor of Tar’citadel.

death marker: also just called a ‘marker’, it indicates in a life contract one of the seven times a person might ‘exit a lifetime’ or die.

demon: an incorporeal spirit which feeds off of negative emotions.  There are hundreds of different types of demons of varying strengths and powers, as well as dozens of different classifications of intelligence.

Desmoulein: the Child whose Way is the Way of the Healer; the Emerald Dragon.

Dicinith Attieth: Thee’s father.

Dodbyen: one of the Kinawan ‘floating cities’, it was lost during one of the last battles of the War of Truth.

Dolomith Monortith: Son of Rhodonith Monortith and Clevelandith Freibergith Grandidieriss. Prince of the blood and possible heir to the King of the Tazu Nation’s throne. Baby half-brother of Thee and Jathen.

Drannic: a very mysterious race, rarely seen and said to harbor the secrets of the Children.  They resemble tazu, but have wings and tails, and do not shift into dragons.

Dresden, High Walker: High Walker of Angani in Tar’citadel.


Eglestonith: Tazu guardsman of Rhodonith’s

Elemental empathy: not to be confused with Empathic, elemental empathy falls under the Ability category of Energy Manipulative, and refers to an above-average ability to draw-in the vibrational energy of a particular element.

empathy, Empathic: empathy refers to a person’s sensitivity to the constantly moving energy fields around them- also known as the near side of the Veil.  Two types: emotional empathy, where one can sense the emotions of things, and energy empathy, where one can only feel the shift in the energies. Having both refers to a True Empathic.  An Empathic is someone who has one or both types of empathy

Enillydd, Master: Walker of Kubesh, head of the tesagree Way Path.

Erin Manna: historical figure, one of the eight Originals of the Clan race.  She and her husband Marin Manna were the founders of the Mannachi clan.

Esop: a Ki’ra, Walker of Kubesh, part of Setsu’s crew.


Fallen One: an arch-demon, one of the most powerful spiritual minions of the Red.

Fauni: a Way path of Turin, specializing in the usage of a golem.

Feator: Child whose Way is the Way of History, the Bronze Dragon. He covers not only written history, but also past lives.

Feed: Clan term referring to the drinking of blood for sustenance.

Fersmannith Chertith: current head of the Chertith house, son of Halith Chertith and uncle to Serendibiss Chertith.

Furōrin-Iki: from ‘furora’ for ‘flora’, ‘shinrin’ for ‘forest’ and ‘iki’ for ‘breathers’. Name of the country/region where the Nijū-Iki live. 


Galduran, High Walker: High Mage merged with the element of air. Serves as High Walker of Montage in Tar’citadel.

Galena Torberniss: Lady of the Torberniss bloodline, sister of Arsenopyrith Torberniss.

Genthelvith Proustith Attieth: Thee’s paternal Grandmother and namesake; Dicinith’s mother. 

Guide(s): referring to Angel or Spirit Guides that are attached to mortal souls.  They are usually in pairs, and are spiritual ‘assistants’ to mortal souls while they are in body.

Great Fall, the: also the ‘Fall of the Red’ and ‘War between the Veils’.  Refers to when the Red whispered in the ear of Prothidian Altar and together destroyed the Old World.  It was Rhean who finally threw the Red back into the Pit, and for a thousand years the survivors hid underground before resettling the new Continent.

Great Gate: One built in each of the twelve countries’ capitols, the Great Gates allow for small groups to transport from their respective capitols into Tar’citadel.

Grays: a group of Clansmen who hunt Red followers in the Clan Lands outside of the Way orders.

ground drake: native to parts of southern and eastern Casfeild as well as parts of the Clan Lands, ground drakes are large, wingless dragons of moderate intelligence. They are quite territorial and rather dangerous.

Gwydion Trahern: Serendibiss Chertith’s father.


halbfledge: Okten term referring to those of Okten blood who do not have full flight capacity

Halfling: Clan term referring to a child whose parentage is half Born-Clan and half human.

Halith Chertith: female head of the Chertith house, grandmother to Serendibiss Chertith and close friend of Genthelvith Proustith Attieth.

Hatori Chann: Clansman charm master for the Monortith family.

Hausmannith: High Montage Walker of the Montage Temple in Kidwellith. 

Hauyne: a light blue scaled, silver-blue eyed Tazu from Dodbyen. A relative of Spinelith, he took issue with the leniency given to Rhyo.

Havnebyen: sky city to which Sannhet Rørt is beholden in northern Kinawa.

head: Tazu unit of measurement, equal to 6 scales, or one foot, or 30.48 centimeters.

Hime Rheadani: younger sister of Emperor Feron Rheadani, second in line for the Clan Lands throne.

High Mage: a powerful elemental empathic Talent that has undergone a ritual to fuse themselves forever with their element.  This process makes them physically immortal, and incapable of becoming ‘drained’ of energy with which to cast.

high magic: magic that is far more complex than typical energy manipulative work; usually it involves multiple elements of ritual and artifacts to supplement the work. 

Hkym: Medium for Setsu’s crew, husband to Cy’shā.


Iki: a shortened term for the word Nijū-Iki.

Incarnation: a Child reborn into a body that has not Awakened or Ascended.

iungo plant: meaning ‘connector’ or ‘bridge’ it is an empathic, energy manipulative plant created by Prothidian Altar to bridge the gap between non-Talents and Ability-driven devices. Variations of it also carry power, sound and a variety of other currents in a manner similar to electrical wire.

Ishane: Way Walker, Path of the Mei at Véridique Meison.

Ishim: meaning ‘incarnated souls’ or ‘angels of the material world’.  A general term referring to any spiritual soul incarnated into a body as a person.

Ishiyumi: Clansman Way Walker, head of the kasior order.

Izzy: a fauni from the Tazu Nation.


Ja’heir Mountains: the V shaped mountain range of the Clan Lands. 

Jahnsith Larsenitiss: nephew of Bertran, heir to the Larsenitiss house after him.

Jathen Cornetith Iridosmine Monortith: Prince of the blood and heir to the King of the Tazu Nation’s throne.

Jephue: Romantic and business partner to Hatori Chann.

Jhyarn: Okten sea captain out of the Solkies.

Jiāojīn, High Walker: The head of the Way of Rosin.

Jörŏ: historical figure, one of the supposed Incarnations of Ulic, Child of Truth during the War of Truth.


ka’melie: Way Path, ‘the dark knights of Rhean’. Demon and Red hunters

ka’moya: Way Path, Rheanic messengers.

kasior: Way Path of Rhean, crossbow snipers.

Komon Sana, Lord: Second son of the Sana First family, chief advisor to Feron Rheadani.

Kidwellith: Capital city of the Tazu Nation.

Ki’ra: a race resembling humans mixed with a menagerie of bears, large canines and large felines. Native to the nation of Nor’wah.

Kubesh: the Citrine Dragon of the Children, Way of the Warrior.

Kriger, High Walker: High Walker of Kubesh in Tar’citadel.

Kyanith Monortith: King of the Tazu Nation. (Jathen’s timeline)


Laster un’tugend: Guardians of vice and virtue. Angani Way path strictly in existence in more conservative Angani cities. They patrol their city to ensure the adherence to codes of conduct.

Lavenith Larsenitiss: sister to Bertran, heir to the Larsenitiss house.

Laws of Heaven: referring to the five laws of Spirit: Do not impede upon the freewill of another.  Do no harm.  Do not deny Spirit.  Respect all the Ways and find your place amongst them.  Respect all physical forms of Spirit.

length: Tazu unit of measurement, equal to twelve heads, twelve feet, or 3.6576 meters.

Life(‘s) Contract: refers to the ‘terms’ that each soul agrees to before being born into the world as a person. It supposedly covers everything from birthplace and parents to major life’s lessons, and contains all the possible paths and choices a soul can have presented to them while they are alive.

life ladder: the actual genetic code that maps certain aspects of the life’s contract. (DNA)

Lóngqíshì: Lubreean dragon rider in the employ of Pallotos.

Lu’shun: Beleskie’s chosen race.  All of them have bright blue eyes and hair, but the rest of what they appear to be is dependent on who is looking at them. Whomever looks upon a Lu’shun will see a person of their own race reflected back.

Lubreean: country to the south-west of the Clan Lands, home of the Muilan and founded by Rosin.


Mab: historical figure of the Clan Lands, she was the only female Avatar of Rhean, and only one of his Avatars never to rule the Clan Lands.  The circumstances around her death is one of the largest mysteries of the Clan Lands.  Her life is also the subject of a very popular and classic opera.

mage: more common term referring to an Energy Manipulative Talent, and often indicates one not trained as a Way Walker. (scholastically, they can also include telepaths in this, but the energy manipulators version is more commonly used)

Mağrur, Master: Way Walker of Angani, head of the Pearl Paladin order

Marin Manna: historical figure, one of the Original eight Clan.  He and his wife Erin Manna founded the Mannachi clan.

master-charm: are created when there are multiple charm-spells infused into a singular charm.  They are usually more complex and involve more magical and energy work to be created.  See also: charm, charm-device, or processer-charm

Matamir: in Sister’s employment, one of several agents of the Shadow Court she brought over to her side.

Mei: a Way Path of Beleskie that focuses on the physical aspect of interpersonal relationships.

meison: temple and home of mei.

Middle Lands: the Land of the Red, it is a province sitting in the middle of the Continent that is not quite an official country.

Mikkal Lan’chi: A member of the Grays in the Clan Lands; powerful Energy Manipulative Talent.

Mixith: a Bawan in the Tazu court. (Jathen’s timeline)

Monortith: the royal family of the Tazu Nation.

Montage: the Gold Dragon of the Children, who’s Way tries to merge the teachings of all the Ways in order to create an ‘Ultimate Way’.

moot: Tazu children born looking human and lack the capacity to shift to a dragon-form.

Muilan: Rosin’s chosen race, they are a semi-incorporeal people, capable of ‘phasing’ in and out of the physical plane for brief periods.

Mùmǎrén: Lubreean dragon rider in the employ of Pallotos.

Msāfryan:  meaning ‘travelers’. Proper name for the people that live in the Zo’den territory. (human and shifter)


Nai’dol: ‘to cry sorrow’. A new river in the Tazu Nation formed from the earthquake.  From ‘to cry’, ‘naite’ and ‘dolor’, meaning ‘sorrow’.

Neek: shaman for the iki settlement.

Nemon: official stenographer of the Tazu court.

Nevershen Supai: Clansman and Rheanic Walker in Tar’citadel

Nhr: native name of the Zo River in Zo’den.

Nijū-Iki: meaning ‘double breath’ or ‘duel breathers’.  Refers to the plant-hybrid race that live in the Furōrin-Iki. See also Iki

Nor’wah: the country north of the Clan Lands, home to the Ki’ra race and founded by Kubesh.

Nosalia, Lady: Clanswoman resident of Fauve in the Lu’shun Republic, patron of the arts and historical excavation.


Obsidian Dragon: see Rhean

old soul: a soul that has incarnated a massive amount of times; though not necessarily going the furthest back in history.

Ophisa, High Mage: merged with element of earth. Headmaster of Tar’citadel University.

Originals, the: the first eight vampires who gave rise to the race known as Clan; four couples who founded the four Great Clans.

Orrick Ashton: a Clan Original, he and his wife Yvette founded the Ashoni clan and the Ashton bloodline.

Or’sen: an Annarite amid the Balori; friend of Nannazen.


Pallotos Nuummith: Moot captain of the dirigible Charmed Wind.

Path: also, ‘Way Path’, referring to the different orders and classes under each Way.

Pearl Dragon: referring to Angani, one of the Twelve Children, she represents purity.

Petalith: personal Daughter of Desmoulein for the Monortith family.

Phine, Phine Path: Way Path of Beleskie, focusing on psychological study and counseling services.

Pit, the: banishment place of the Red, a dimension even deeper than Hell.  Also the birth-place of all demons.

Plajă, High Walker: Head of the Way of Bree in Tar’citadel.

Pokiha: a small intelligent mammal native to the colder regions of the northern Tazu Nation; very similar to a fox, but has the Ability to turn invisible.

processer-charm: the most complex of the charmed objects, processer-charms are charm-devices that are used to absorb one type of energy and then put-out another type of energy, spell or information.  See also: charm, master-charm or charm-device.

Prothidian Altar: historical figure, supposedly imprisoned beneath one of the capitals. The first Red Mage, he is responsible for both destroying the word and then reseeding it with his own creations, including many of the current races.


Raspiss: Rhodonith’s other personal guardsman.

Ra’vien: formal name of the Aspect of Rhean, known also as ‘the Punisher’ or ‘Shadow Bird’, represented by a dark-feathered phoenix.  Hers is the task of dispensing spiritual justice.

ral: Old Clan word for ‘bad or nasty’.  Ral snakes are black and green, and are the deadliest animal on the continent in terms of venom.

Raudur: historical figure relating to the sky-city Dodbynen.

recorder crystal: a single charm usually made from a quartz crystal, used to record information.  see also: crystal recorder

Red, the: The Red Dragon, the Fallen One, the disgraced Child.  His way represents a Way that turns from Spirit’s laws, and is commonly known as the Way of Evil.

Red Mage: powerful Talents that have given the Red a piece of their soul; the effect of this actually fuses them with both the elements of fire and air, unlike High Mages who are only fused with one. Immortal of body and very, very dangerous.

Red Tide: historical event where a hundred Red Mages attacked half of the Continent during a search for Prothidian Altar.

Red Star: the prophesied signal that time is ‘up’ and the Red shall be freed from the Pit if the world is too evil.

Rhe’don: another formal title for the High Walker of Rhean

Rhean: the Obsidian Dragon of the Children, Way of the Protector.

Rhodonith Monortith: Queen of the Tazu Nation and mother of Jathen and Thee.

rmlkoka: ‘sand cat’.  Large feline capable of shifting into sand for short periods.

Rosin: the Amethyst Dragon, whose Way is the Way of Magic.  Also called the ‘Mistress of Mages.’


Sacora Rheadani: Hatori’s deceased wife.

Sal’mar: an Annarite warrior in Sister’s service, uses the kusarigma as a weapon of choice.

Sanbarna: the ‘true children’ of Dodbyen.

sangcordis: the organ in Clan bodies that regulates blood intake- it is located in chest between the lungs and heart, with an attachment to the esophagus.

sangui mandat: ‘blood command’. A powerful Ability of the Originals and Rhean to forcibly compel any Clansperson to follow their orders.

Sannhet Rørt: a port city and castle beholden to the sky-city Havnebyen.

scale: Tazu unit of measurement, equal to 2 inches or 5.08 centimeters.

Scmit: half-blood Tazu female born in Dodbyen, gray scaled and white haired with dark blue eyes.

second sight: another term for Medium Ability, meaning to see sprits and spiritual beings.

Serendibiss Iolith Chertith: Seren’s mother and the Tazu Nation ambassador to Tar’citadel. Nicknamed ‘Seri’

Serendibiss Spheniss Chertith: Thee’s best friend, nicknamed ‘Seren’

Setsuken Daten: Way Walker, Tesgree Path. Leader of a mercenary group in Zo’den

Shīkuretto Rhe’a: ‘Shī’, Dark Guard to the Emperor Feron Rheadani, cousin to the imperial line and third in line for the Clan Lands throne.

Si’hir, High Mage: merged with the element of air, served as High Walker of Rosin previous to Jiāojīn. Retired, does his best to do as little as possible.

Simpsoniss Chertith: cousin to Marcasith and Kyanith Monortith, uncle of Fersmannith Chertith.

Skaniss Malachith: Captain of the Monortith Royal Guard.

slaga: pack beast in the Tazu Nation, similar to large salamanders.

slikan: Path of Ulic, trained to delve into minds and find the truth for the various justice systems of the continent.

Solki: Turin’s chosen race, they are sexless and inhumanly strange, feeding only off-of emotional energy of fear and pain.

soul-mate: a term used for souls that choose to incarnate together often; sometimes as friends, sometimes as lovers, sometimes as family, and often changing roles amid each other.

soul-circle: term referring to a group of soul-mates that incarnate together often.

Spirit: the recognized God of the Way Walkers, the eternal conciseness that all souls return to once evolved enough.

Spirit Guide: a Guide attached to a mortal soul that has been born to physical body itself; they watch their Charge and offer advice and spiritual guidance. 

Stibniss Torberniss: the heir to the Torberniss bloodline.


Ta’ekni: Aspect of Kubesh, she is the embodiment of strategy.

Talent: term referring to a person with more than one measurable classification of the five Abilities.  General Talent describes most emphatics or low-level mediums, Classic Talent describes the empathic-telepathic combination, True Talent is reserved for people who have at least 3 combined Abilities, and Exemplary Talent refers to a Talent with measurable levels of all five Abilities.  There is also the term ‘Non-Traditional Talent which refers to those Abilities and combinations that don’t readily fit into the typical categories.

Tal’aran: a Clansman Gray who serves as advisor to the emperor.

Taint: term referring to the evil influence of the Red that interferes with the soul’s evolution, often manifested in large amounts of anger, fear, sorrow, arrogance, or even full-blown psychotic behaviors.  To be Tainted is to be under influence of Taint, also ‘the Tainted’ is a term also used to describe the race of the Annarite.  Can also manifest in environment; places where extreme violence has occurred are often Tainted.

Tar’cil: the scholar’s tongue and written language of Tar’citadel.

Tar’citadel: the holy city of ice and light, where lays the Great Temple of Spirit, the Tar’citadel University, and the formal meeting-place of the twelve nations.

tar’ka-besh: the home-guard of Tar’citadel, they learn all the fighting Paths.

Tarshishum: capital of Aralim.

Tazu: Montage’s race, they are shape shifters who can appear human-like (tazu) or as a full-dragon (tyrn).

Tazu Nation: the country founded by Montage and home of the Tazu.

Tealanithiss: a black scaled Tazu born in Dodbyen

telekinetic: also known as Energy Manipulative, it is an Ability to move/ channel energy either about oneself or into oneself to fuel other magical works.

teleportation: the spell to transport one’s physical body through time and space; powerful Talents can also move multiple people with them.  A physical destination must be in one’s head to do it, though, i.e. they would have had to have been in the area once before.

Tesgree: Kubesh Way Path, masters of the bastard sword

Tghyyr‘sāqyn: meaning ‘changing legs’.  Native term for the native race of Zo’den, whose legs shape shift.  Tg‘sāqyn is also used commonly as a shortened version of the term.

The Twelve: another name for the Children of Spirit.  See Children.

The Twelve Ways: the twelve individual Ways taught by the Children; each Way is an aspect of Spirit and aides the soul in evolving to become one with Spirit once more.  They are: Ultimate Way, Truth, Protection, Magic, Healing, Warrior, Death, Creativity, Love, Purity, History, and ‘the Way of Evil’ which diverts from the rest and goes against evolution.

Thee (Genthelvith) Monortith: Jathen’s half-sister, daughter of Rhodonith Monortith and Dicinith Attieth. Princess of the blood, heir to the Queen of the Tazu Nation’s throne.

Tourmalith Larsenitiss: Bertran Larsenitiss’s uncle and the head of the Larsenitiss line.

tru’suli: a Path under Ulic’s Way of Truth, known as a ‘truth seeker’- they are academics and lecturers.

tyrn: a Tazu who is in their dragon-form.

Turin: Sapphire Dragon of the Children, Way of Death.

tur’ri: Turin’s most powerful Walkers, they merge themselves somewhat with their Child, and essentially become Death.  They cycle with the moon, aging and growing younger back and forth every month.  When they are in the ‘death cycle’ they can kill with a single touch.

twin-flame: term referring the soul-pairing of each mortal soul, the masculine and feminine aspects.  Each twin-flame pairing is romantically linked to each other for eternity.

Tyr’sat: Tar’cil word for the shifter race of the Zo’den region. From ‘Tghyyr‘sāqyn’ and ‘shifter’.


Ulic: Silver dragon of the Children, Way of Truth. 

Utför, Master: Way Walker, head of the shandi Path.


Vas: an acolyte Pearl Paladin.

Veil: term referring to the invisible spiritual barrier that divides the physical world from the spiritual world.  There is the distinction between the near and far side of the Veil; the near side refers to spiritual beings that can be sensed and interacted with by physical beings while in physical form.  The far side of the Veil refers to the higher planes and the whole of Spirit, also known as ‘Heaven.’

veil-sliding: term referring to when the person can raise the vibration of their body height enough to slide along the barrier between time and space. Unlike teleportation it is easier to take people along for the ride, and no distinct destination is needed, though it does take longer than teleportation.

Verdigriss: one of the lost 500 Tazu of Dodbyen.

Vermeilith Monortith: King of the Tzu nation preceding Kyanith, uncle to Kyanith and Marcasith. Stabbed to death by a stilted lover.

Volaille, High Walker: Way Walker, High Walker of Beleskie.


ward: a magical protective barrier.

Way: one of the individual twelve Ways.

Way Walker: a trained disciple of a Way, usually a member of one of the many Paths; essentially an ordained priest or priestess of an individual Way, as opposed to a ‘follower’ who is not ordained.  They are almost always Talents of measurable Ability.

Whydā Shrā: ‘lonely dessert’- native name for Zo’den Desert.


Yuta: Restaurant owner in Fauve, friend of Hatori and Jephue

Yvette Ashton: Historical figure; deceased.  Mistress of Metals, Greatest Charm Master to ever live.  One of the eight Original Clan who founded the Clan race; wife of Orrick Ashton.  Founder of the Ashoni Clan of the Clan Lands. Murdered by A’ron De’contes.


Zebaki: town in Cinnabarith province of the Tazu Nation

Zhìliáo, High Walker: High Walker of the Way of Desmoulein.                  

Zingefurith: captial city of Cinabarrith province in the Tazu Nation

Zo’den: refers to the country as well as two ‘city sites’ of the nomadic Msāfryan and Tghyyr‘sāqyn peoples.  The country borders the Tazu Nation.

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