Monthly Archives: January 2015

New Year, new voice.

Whelp, for the last half a year I’ve been hinting at something which would hopefully come to pass, something awesome and interesting and exciting. Over my time in writing and building the Way Walkers World, I have had a lot of help from many places– but one voice has always been the strongest. One voice has always called above the din, adding just the right detail or asking just the right question. Once voice who knew the world as well as I, whose ideas fit in seamlessly to the landscape of the Continent. My dear friend, MJ Rea.

And now, I can excitedly announce that Miss Rea will now officially be joining the Way Walkers World as my co-author for all future Choicescript Way Walker interactive novels, including WW:U3.

So what does this mean?
Welp, MJ’s first task has bee to aquatint herself with choicescript and familiarize herself with the first two WW:Us. So the best way to do this is to go back into WW:U1&2 and add in scenes, choices and overall improve the content. This will come in the form of two large updates we *hope* to have ready to go in a few months. This will be free content added into the already existing WW:Us as a kind of ‘thank you’ to all the fans who’ve been loving it and reading it for so long waiting on #3. While she is working on this, I will be finishing the sequel to the Tangled Paths novel. Hopefully we will finish around the same time and also begin working once again on the WW:U3 title. because there will be two of us on this it will, again hopefully, improve the quality as well as the turnaround for finishing. ^_^

But wait, there’s more! I’ve many times mentioned tentatively in the CoG forums that I’ve been uncertain about continuing to write interactive novels for CoG and Hosted Games simply because of the demand on me for them and traditional novels. With the help of MJ however, we have begun drawing up notes for another Way Walker interactive novel after WW:U3 is completed– Way of the Red— with the possibility of even more after that. (and yes, you do get to become a Red Mage. 😀 )