Way Walkers: Broken City

Way Walkers: Broken City

Way Walkers Broken City is book two of the Tazu saga, and continues our journey following Jathen across the continent.  Published by Red Adept in 2016, you can read a excerpt or buy it from them here.

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Wounded and alone, Jathen desperately tries to make his way back home to the Tazu Nation. His path is treacherous, as he is pursued by the traitorous Mikkal and the mysterious Sister. However, a Grand Artifact has chosen him as its guardian, and it may have other plans for the wayward moot.

Torn once more from everything he’s known, Jathen must not only find answers from the Artifact’s past but also learn to use his newfound Abilities to save the populace of a city lost to time.



“There are books you read and then there are books you fall into. The Tazu Saga is a series you fall into and get lost in. As vibrant and complex as the world is it has extreme reread-ability. I will eagerly await the continuation of this series for as long as I need to.”


“The author has developed a marvelous universe. It has the same depth and diversity found in Tolkien’s books, but these books are NOT a re-telling of Tolkien’s stories!”


“This is the second book of the The Tazu Saga and everything that author J. Leigh did right in the first book continues in the second: the world-building; the action and especially the characters. If you read the first book and are thinking about reading the second, you should definitely read it. I recommend this series for anyone who likes character-driven fantasy.”

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