Monthly Archives: June 2018

I seem to have contracted the plague

Well, actually, it’s strep throat, but either way, i’ve been down for two weeks of my break with sickness, and i’m just pretty much useless. It’s a shame, because i really wanted to spend the time writing and working on projects and now i’m just laying here dizzy and sick and miserable.


AT least i have X files reruns to keep me company.


Getting through

So coming off over 50k words in WW:U3 being written in April and May, i’ve been taking a break in June, partially because it’s good for me and partially because it’s just been really stressful so far this month. I won’t go into details but this time of year i’m always much busier at my normal teaching job what with the art show, the upswing in the craft fair season and jewelry making, and additional life drama has been abounding (we might be moving again soon-ish– yay?). I’ve been reading a lot to keep sane, and that’s all i can brain on my downtime. (That and cuddling pusheens. Give me all the pusheens.)


Aside from that, i’ve loaded the entirety of WW:U thats done so far into a massive omnibus thats i’ve been using to track plot holes and stat levels; it’s been educational and i’ll be fiddling with it for a while before i finish WW:U3.


For those still wondering about when things will come out…i have no idea. My excessively long Tazu book3 is sitting in the editing que of my ever-growing publisher, and when i am told it’s going into copy-editing, i’ll let you all know. lol As far as WW:U3, i’m still plugging along. It’s a big one, even with me trimming things just so it shall be DONE. I’ve also been taking breaks on it to streamline the stats system for future WW universe CoGs and toy with other ideas, because i can really only stare at it for so long. (six weeks straight seems to be my limit lol) Chances are i’ll pick things up again at the end of June, then break for the four weeks of summer camp, then back to it in Aug for three weeks straight unless the move thing happens. Then gods only know.


I’ve also been doing my nails a lot, because reasons.


~J. Leigh