Monthly Archives: May 2014

I have not forgotten you…

…but i’ve had to limit my writing due to the development of carpal tunnel. I’ve been honestly expecting this for years, as i am a writer and it was inevitable. My best option is surgery, but b/c of insurance and timing i need to wait until after my wedding August. In the meanwhile i hen-peck away, doing my best to write when i can. it is sadly not often. 😦


I’m doing my best, and i promise to get these sequels out as fast as i can.


Until then, thank you all again so much for your support–sales on Tangled Paths are going well, and i am very grateful! Please remember to drop by Amazon or whatever platform you use and leave a review! I love to know what my fans think, and how to make it better, or keep up with what you love. ^_^


j. leigh