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NaNoWrMo Success and next steps

So, i met the NaNo challenge a few days early this year, coming in at 50,700-sum words respectively. The vast majority of that was in WW:U3, which i added over double the amount of words to, bringing it from 32k to nearly 74k. Of course, i didn’t finish a single scene though, but i got a major head start with all the structuring and have more than half the scenes started, and several close to done.  Now toward the end of the last week, i did switch over back to working on the third novel in the Tazu Saga. My goal is to have that DONE when the second book in that series comes out (hopfully late winter early spring next year) thusly freeing me up to work on WW:U3 again for the camp NaNo in April.


wish me luck!


Nano Update

So I’m plugin along in NaNoWrMo, (National Novel Writing Month for those unawares) and i’m kicking it’s butt. I’m at nearly 39k out of the 50k goal, with another 12 days to go. All most everything i’ve done has been on WW:U3, whose word count has gone from 32k to 66k so far this month.


So what’s this mean?


Whelp, i’m getting a lot done– but there’s tons left to do. A lot of the work accomplished has been me getting the plot back in gear and making skeletons of scenes, but there’s a whole lot to go. Honestly, with what i’ve actually structured in front of me right now, i’m thinking at least another 100k in word count minimum. And that’s not counting the climaxes and endings. An average CoG now a days is around 250k words, and right now, i’m thinking WW:U3 might hit 300k without much effort.

And I still have the third (and then 4th) Tazu Saga books to finish then start.


So i’m just letting you guys know i’m hopeful, i’m excited, i’m working overtime, and i’ve absolutely no idea how long i’ll be before i’m done. >.<


Happy reading,

J. Leigh