No-one actually knows what the Lu’shun truly look like, not for certain.  They are beautiful, all can agree to that, unearthly beautiful which accounts their being Beleskie’s people.  However, as said no-one knows what they really look like, while all Lu’shun are born with nuclear blue eyes and hair, anyone who looks upon a member of the Lu’shun race shall see looking back at them a member of their own race, just with blue eyes and hair.  For example, if a member of the tazu, a Ki’ra and a human all looked at the same Lu’shun woman, the tazu would see another tazu with blue eyes and blue hair, the human would see a human with blue eyes and hair and the Ki’ra would see a Ki’ra with blue eyes and hair.


This of course can lead to some confusion amongst peoples, especially for the Nijū-Iki looking upon Lu’shun, as blue eyes and hair is not an impossible combination for true Nijū-Iki.  Lu’shun, however do not hold any of the abilities of the races they appear to be; as while a Lu’shun might look to have the tell-tale fangs of the Clan in a Clansperson’s eyes, the Lu’shun person would not have any real need for blood, anymore than they’d be able to shift to a draconic form while a tazu was looking at them.  (Though it’s been documented that tazu while in dragon form view the Lu’shun peoples as being un-shifted tazu, though what this actually indicates is still under debate.  Tazu Moots also seem to see Lu’shuns as full-tazu, rather than human-like Moots, which again, raises debate.)  Of course, what Lu’shun look like to other Lu’shun has also never been fully explained to anyone’s satisfaction, though they have hinted over the years that they actually see all other races as the same thing, being unable to differentiate from person to person–though they do not say what they do see as the common form.


Society: The Lu’shun people are very, very sociable, and are devout followers of Beleskie’s Way.  They are a diplomatic society and fall under a governmental Republic.  Free-thinking and study are their cornerstones and as well as being hard-working, they are also hard-playing.  Theirs is the only society that follows a five-day work-week, which while earning jibes of laziness from many other races, their peoples are some of the most productive, educated, and generally happy citizens in the continent.  Placing a high emphasis upon ‘building character’ and ‘looking past the surface’ they are a very understanding and empathetic people that will give the shirt off their back if necessary.  Charities and genuine social conscience are heavily stressed, and they tend to be a country that will often go out of their way to help.  Not to be considered weak, however, Lu’shun are also a Talented lot, being very strong with Empathy and Telepathy- the types of Ability that keep others from harming you via pure persuasion.  There is no ruling class in the Lu’shun society, though families of elder prestige and linage placing them back to Beleskie is recorded and respected- most political officials, while elected, stem from such families.


At their best:they are true humanitarians and diplomats, working together without any prejudices to iron out even the most grievous of conflicts.

At their worst: they are considered busybodies and gossips, who meddle where they shouldn’t.

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