Way of Truth

Way of Truth

Original artwork by J. Leigh– stock pose taken from grinmir-stock.deviantart.com

Silver Dragon, Ulic

The Way of Truth follows the creed that all truth is relative, and truth can only be known by understanding all; and understanding all is understanding nothingness.  Ulic in mortal form is often a Tazu or human; usually with silver eyes and hair and a thin build.  Scholars, teachers and academics of all kinds tend to lean to his Way, and he is patron of all philosophers and alchemists.  Ulic is said to have written the first code of conduct, and is therefore the patron of the judicial system, and said to oversee all verdicts.  (Though not sentencing- that falls to the punisher aspect of Rhean) Special abilities include the ability to discern decisively the truth of people’s hearts.

His Aspect: Cenon, also known as the ‘void.’  This is the other side of truth, not deceit, but instead the negative space between knowledge, the ‘unknown’.  Hers is a constant reminder to the followers of Truth that: ‘the more you learn, the more you realize how little you really know.’  She is often depicted in mortal form as a woman with long silver hair and miss-matched eyes- one silver, one black as the void.

Founded Nation: Kinawa

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