Monthly Archives: May 2017

So… April sucked.

For those of you keeping track on Facebook and the like, I got really sick the end of March, the week before NaNo, and while this wasn’t a big detractor in me wanting to write and get work done, it left me with a really, really bad cough. A cough that decided to be so deep and dry and awful that it threw out my back on April first. (April fools to me…yay. -_-) Anyways, that ensuing injury left me in black-out levels of agony (seriously, i lost consciousness from pain– i do not recommend the experience) and flat on my back for over an additional week after having been sick with a fever for the previous week. I missed work, lost a ton of money between that and doctors bills and meds, and was forced to resign from my second job doing Internet-y stuffs.  I’m still in physical therapy and really have only now in the last week been able to really start moving around for any long period of time without pain/exhaustion taking me out for several hours. And of course this all means i didn’t even come close to finishing my goals for NaNoWrMo, indeed, this is the first month since doing NaNo that I’ve failed quite so spectacularly.  So, yeah….April sucked.


But April is over, and i’m kissing it goodnight. I’m doing… stuff. Mostly with WW:U and WW:U2, edits and changes and things i’ve been thinking about for years but never did. No promises, no set goals, just me and a keyboard and work that needs doing. I still need to finish one last scene in the third Tazu Saga book, but i’ve been stuck on that since July, so yeah.


I’m here, i’m working, and i’m doing my best to do right by all of us.


~j. leigh