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Playable Preview on Patreon!

The Playable Preview for Way Walkers: Relationships is live! check out the first four chapters for $12 today– with more to come! 😄

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December update

First all, sorry for not updating here as often as I’d like– life’s been particularly rough the last few months, and honestly both me and Mac have had our heads either buried in WW:U3 or dealing with personal health and family issues. It’s been…a lot. That being said, we’re making headway on all projects– WW:U3 is plugging along, and we’re doing great with the recoding of the game. This will make it much easier to manage and much smoother, and I have high hopes that we’ll finish in the upcoming year– maybe even release. But WW:U3 also has had a lot of speed bumps and weird hiccups over the years (seriously, we joke that it’s cursed), so I won’t make any hard promises until we’re a bit closer. For now, this is *the* priority. We WILL get it done.

Secondary projects are Clan Lands on Amazon Vella, which is scheduled through mid-march for the first ‘season’. Depending on how we’re doing with WW:U3, we’ll either take a break or do some more– we’re just playing that by ear atm.

Tazu Saga audiobooks are in the works, I’ll update everyone when I know the specifics of releases. I’ll also give a heads up on Implied Permissions as soon as we get over the WW:U3 hump.

We are also working on threading in the social life DLC for WW:U2, this is going hand in hand with WW:U3 recoding, so *hopefully* will go smoothly, again, once we’ve finished WW:U3. Also, for my sanity, I’ve been poking at the idea I’ve had for six years about life in a Beleskie Meison– we’re calling it Way Walkers: Relationships and the first offical preview draft will be up on our Patreon later this month. It’s not a priority project, but something I poke at when I need a break from everything else. At the moment it’s pure fun, but I think it’ll scratch that deeper dating/romance itch a lot of people have for Way Walkers lol.

Also, seriously, thanks for everyone sticking with us. It’s been hard. We work long hours at this in between physical disabilities, caring for loved ones who are even more disabled, juggling day jobs, doctors appointments, toddler meltdowns, migraines, Covid, family deaths and everything else life throws at us on a daily basis. And we keep going, despite it all. Because we love it, and you guys for loving it with us.

Good things are coming.

J. Leigh

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