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Character Questionnaire: Jathen

So, my friends over at Red Adept posted the character question list from NaNo and I thought filling out for my main character Jathen in the upcoming Way Walkers: Tangled Paths would be a fun way for everyone to sort of ‘meet’ him before the book comes out.  So these are his answers in his words.  ^_^


Jathen Cornetith Iridosmine Monortith.  Jath for short.




Six heads, no scales.  (six feet or 1.822 meters for those of you not on the Tazu system)

Eye color:

Monortith gold with a few magenta flecks if I squint.

Physical appearance:

Regrettably human, pale skin and gold hair.

Strange or unique physical attributes:

I look human when I should look like a Tazu.  It’s called being a Moot. It’s horrible.

Favorite clothing style/outfit:

Anything that allows me to move easily and it’s not too expensive, as I tend to ruin articles of clothing. I’m told I look good in rust colors and Monortith purple.

Where does he or she live? What is it like there?

I live in the Tazu Nation, where one’s bloodline, breeding and appearances matter more than anything else.  Aside from some amazing architecture, it’s rather dreadful for my health and well-being.

Defining gestures/movements (i.e., curling his or her lip when he or she speaks, always keeping his or her eyes on the ground, etc.):

My mother says I’m too stiff/formal.  While Petalith says I fidget too much.  I rather imagine my Uncle the King finds my very breathing irritating.

Things about his or her appearance he or she would most like to change:

I’d think that was rather obvious.  I’d like to look like a ruddy Tazu and not a bloody Moot.

Speaking style (fast, talkative, monotone, etc.):

Is sarcastic fused with frustration and a mild sense of depression a style of speaking?

Pet peeves:

People who pretend to understand me.  Or treat me like an invalid.  Or pretend to pity me.

Fondest memory:

The day my mother won the fight about me getting the crown prince’s suite.  Kyanith the king was quite irritated and I got a wonderful room–it was a great day.


Architecture.  I genuinely love the flowing forms and the engineering side fascinates me.  Though it doesn’t go beyond a simple appreciation.  I have no skill at making things that don’t fall down.

Special skills/abilities:

Again, does sarcasm count?  Because that’s about all I got. Unless of course you count the bastard Ability, but my Precognition is too random to be useful.


Next question.


I’m a rather picky eater.  Or so claims my mother.

Temperament (easygoing, easily angered, etc.):

I try to be good, to be proper and do what’s right and expected of me.  But so often I get the impression what’s expected of me is to disappear off the face of the Continent.  And so, I often find myself just fading into the background.  At least until it all boils over and I punch something.  Usually something breakable.

Negative traits:

Everything?  I’m completely useless, angst-ridden and I’m fairly certain two-thirds of the court want me dead on no other basis than the smoothness of my skin.  So one might say I’m a little irritable about that most of the time.

Things that upset him or her:

Other than my general lot in life?  I’m not fond of hypocrites.

Things that embarrass him or her:

My very existence is an embarrassment to the crown.  So, breathing?  But in all honesty it’s a toss-up between getting invited to royal functions and getting to stand there like a slaga, OR getting snubbed and left in my room to sulk like a slaga.  My life is full of duel-edged monotonies.
This character is highly opinionated about:

I’m not really allowed to be highly opinionated about anything, lest I be seen as taking some sort of political stance.  And well, we can’t have the Moot doing THAT, now can we?

Any phobias?

Not really.  I’ve too many real obstacles in life to worry myself irrationally over say, a bug or heights or something.

Things that make him or her happy:

I do love the city.  I like wandering it, getting lost in the crowds.  And climbing.  Nothing better than getting up a good three or four tazu-stories and taking-in the lay of the land.  It’s sometimes more fun if my sister comes with me, but it’s okay if she doesn’t.  Spending time in Hatori’s Charm Shop is a good distraction as well, so long as one doesn’t mind having the occasional object flung at them.

Family (describe):

My mother is wonderful, if a bit over-protective, though I suspect most sons would say that of their mothers.  She’s my champion and I do love her for it.  My sister, Thee is a bit too ‘normal’ at times, being a shifting tazu like she is, but she’s never chosen her friends over me, which I suspect is no small feat for a teenage girl.  They are my support system, and while the rest of what little is passable as family I have treats me with at best, indifference, I am grateful for what little good I have.

Deepest, darkest secret:

I don’t think I have enough of a life to have secrets.  Other than I’m angrier at my lot in life than I tend to show– at least to those who might be able to change it.

Reason he or she kept this secret for so long:

Because I don’t see any reason to bring it up. Won’t change anything, really.

Other people’s opinions of this character (What do people like about this character? What do they dislike about this character?):

Most just see a Moot.  Insert your various scenarios of pity, hate, disgust or empathy as you please.

Favorite bands/songs/type of music:

I’m fond of the Tar’citadel technical sounds, the ones that take classical arrangements and make them sound more crystalline.

Favorite books:

I’m not a big ‘reader’.  It’s depressing reading about things I can never do or people who’ve died.

Favorite sports/sports teams:

Bah, Thee follows more of the teams than I do.  Again, tazu sports aren’t something I can do, and it’s depressing to watch and cheer for some testosterone-riddled empty headed jock who’ll probably punch me if he sees me.

Political views:

If my Uncle the King thinks it’s wonderful it’ll probably be terrible for me.  And if he thinks it’s awful, it’s probably a good thing.  Not a perfect system of opinion, but it works for me.

Religion/philosophy of life:

My mother would love it if I kept a Way, especially Montage, but I am hopelessly agnostic.

Physical health:

Well, despite being a Moot.  Though I’m certain Petalith can find something to complain about in my diet.

Dream vacation:

Anywhere away from here.  But if I could pick it’d be Tar’citadel.

Description of his or her house:

It’s the Monortith palace, so it’s a bit of a city within a city.  Complex and meandering it’s the pinnacle of Tazu architecture, and a hell of a lot of fun to climb around.

Description of his or her bedroom:

It’s the crown prince’s suite, and far too large for me, but I honestly don’t care.  It’s round with several bays that divide the space.  I have a study, a bed, a space to dress and a spot for casual dining.  Blue marble makes up most of the floors and pillars, and the whole thing is topped off with a signature Tazu gold-ribbed dome that has diamonds imbedded in it to look like stars.  I love it.

Any pets?

A miniature drake by the name of Tinzy, though he’s more a family pet than my personal one.  Though he spends the majority of his time eating my table scraps, so he might consider the relationship differently.
Best thing that has ever happened to this character:

I met a Charm-Master when I was young, so I at least now have a place to hide from my life and be mildly entertained for the duration.

Worst thing that has ever happened to this character:

I had a precognitive vision of my mother going into premature labor, losing the child and almost dying herself.  Concerned I told her about it, and her resulting anxiety caused the very vision I had seen.


I’m too rational for superstations.  I even have trouble with viable things, like demons and ghosts.

Three words to describe this character:

Lost, lonely, and potential.

If a song played every time this character walked into the room, what song would it be?

Katy Perry’s Firework.


We have a title!

Way Walkers: Tazu now has an official title and back cover blurb! Check it out!

Copy Edits back!

Got them back tonight– will be going through them tomorrow and the next day.  Hopefully will have the official release date soon, so keep your eyes peeled!  😀