Buy Stuffies!

Buy Stuffies!

Visit the Way Walkers section of the the jleigharts store at here!

Way Walkers Store

Only a few products now…please let me know if you want something particular, and I’ll be happy to put it on the site!


That’s right, you’ve been asking for them, and now we’re officially accepting orders for custom-made kittles!  ^_^

Image  We’ve two types, the Stuffed Kittle (on top) and the Kittle Dolls (the gray in front).  Both are customizable, so we can change colors and fabric type to suit your ideas.  Kittle Dolls have a base price of $20 USD (PLUS shipping): this includes a stiff felt body with multiple textures for shell and belly, glass eyes and a plastic nose.  Stuffed Kittles base price is $45 USD (PLUS shipping): this includes a nice high quality soft felt body, a shell of soft fabric in another color/pattern, glass eyes, a plastic nose and a stitched mouth. You can add-in additional fabrics, a soft belly, fuzzy ears and a variety of customizations at additional cost: Just ask!

To order your custom kittle, email:

tell us which type, an what kids of customizations you want, as well as shipping information.  once we’ve settled on the design and shipping price has been confirmed, you will pay for your kittle and production will begin.  We won’t start work until payment is received–so feel free to inquire without pressure to buy.

We currently only accept paypal.  

Pre-made kittles:

SAMSUNG SOLD This is cream kittle 2, affectionately known as ‘soft foot’.  He has a body of cream colored soft felt, with a patterned shell of soft fabric.  His front feet, ears and puff on his tail are all a luxuriously soft and silky fur-like fabric that is just wonderful to pet!  He has a little pink plastic nose, a stitched mouth, and is the first to feature the larger, 18mm glass eyes in bright orange.  $55 + shipping.  email and ask for cream kittle 2 to purchase.

SAMSUNG SOLD. This is stuffed cream kittle 1.  He is made of cream colored soft felt, with a patterned shell of soft fabric.  His belly, ears and puff on his tail are all a luxuriously soft and silky fur-like fabric that is just wonderful to pet!  He has one droopy ear, a playful smirk and bright green glass eyes.   $55 + shipping.  email and ask for cream kittle 1 to purchase.

  1. Actually, I’d love to walk around with a pin or button of the Way Walkers symbol, if that’s possible. It’d be so adorable! I hope buying these products will support your work!!

  2. they don’t support it so much as help spread the word–but yeah a pin is a really simple a good idea–im so surprised i didn’t think of it! I’ll make one today–keep an eye on the store and it’ll be up ^_^

    Thank you angel!!!

  3. Whee~~ I bought a pin! Thank you for listing them!! I will wear this on my bag everywhere I go^^

  4. I would buy a chain necklace with a waywalkers star at the bottom. That would be awesome!

  5. Great ill buy one when I get the time I’m busy right now. thank you!

  6. It would be cool to have something not just of the WW star, but something of the races or the ways

  7. Is there any way to contact you, J Leigh? Besides commenting in a section meant for the Store? You should make a Way Walkers email, so that fans, such as I, may contact you regarding Way Walkers.

    • you can message me through the choice of games forum, or through the way walkers page on facebook. there are links to both under the ‘books’–> “way walkers: University” tabs ^_^ you can also leave messages directly on the author’s blog.

      • Awesome, thanks! Though, in my opinion, you should put up contact information on the site. If a random web surfer happens to check out the site, and happens to be interested in it, there will be no way for the person to know that there is a Facebook page for Way Walkers, and that Way Walker is affiliated with Choice of Games.

  8. Part 3 pleaseeeeeeee I’m eagerly awaiting x

  9. Are you planning a port of “Way Walkers University II” for eInk Kindles??? You released “Way Walkers University” for the (eInk) Kindle, but not its sequel!!! PLEASE release WWU-II!!!!! Thank you!!!

  10. I know this is most definitely not the correct area of the site to ask this, but that’s why I am asking. J. Leigh (I’m pretty sure I got that right; going off of memory), do you think it would be possible to add a forum page, or rather, a forum aside from COG to talk about the WW universe? If there already is one, please excuse my ignorance. (: Thanks!

    • I don’t know what I’d have to do to add a forum, but there an official fan club on Facebook where walker fans gather and post.

      • Well, if you wanted to put a (very) simple forum on this website, you could just add a page titled forum and just add a comment section without much else. But if you wanted a better forum still using WordPress, you could just make a new blog and start “topics” with blog posts. And the only other option I can think of, is to get on a forum host website and make a free one. Again, you don’t have to do this, I just don’t like to get on Facebook. Thanks for replying so quickly btw.

  11. Kay in Henderson

    I want a grey or silver way of truth hoodie that would be absolutely awesome!

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