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The Blog Tour Approachith!

So i’ve started receiving the requests for the blog tour of Way Walkers: Tangled Paths today, which means i get to do interviews and talk about stuff like inspiration and my characters and the whole thing is just getting me so excited!!  😀 The tour is scheduled to start in early June, so we’re definitely looking to have an ebook release at the end of April, with the print book soon to follow.  Keep an eye out here for details! Also if i have any fans out there who have book review blogs and want to be included in the tour, you can apply here: tour sign up! (profestional book bloggers only! ;p)


Other fun news: the map and link to the prolog and first chapter excerpt of Tangled Paths is up on Red Adept’s website, so if you want to have a sneak peek of the book  you can head over here: map and sneak peek!


I’m also happy to report that though i’m still struggling a bit with my hands (i’m going soon to see if it is, indeed the dreaded carpal tunnel) i did actually manage to have my first 4,000-word week last week for the first time in FOREVER it seems. (well, really since October) So while i’m quite distracted with wedding plans, book release plans and all the other normal stuff in life, i AM writing again, and well, that just feels great. ^_^


j. leigh