The Ki’ra are supposedly the ‘leftover’ descendants of what had once been a grand race of animalistic shifters, akin to the Tazu.  However, over time they became more and more intermingled with the human race until they were no more than large, course-haired peoples that resemble a sort of rag-tag mix of half human, half-animal.  Varying somewhat amid each other, they all share slightly elongated faces, akin to either bears, canines or felines depending on their ‘pack’, or family unit.  They all have claws and sharper teeth, thick palms and soles as well as tails and animalistic ears.  While some Ki’ra will resemble rather obviously a particular breed of animal, like say, a fox, others will be completely random in appearance, having, say the thicker claws and longer snout of a bear, but sporting the long, fluffy tail of a wolf and the striped fur pattern of a tiger.  Their appearances do stay within the confines of either a bear, a canine or a feline, usually leaning more toward the larger, wild breeds.  They will also range into looking more human depending upon the pack- sporting only minimal fur (for them), the claws, tail ears an animalistic eyes.


Ki’ra tend to breed in ‘litters’ of two to three ‘kits’ amid themselves, while having only a single child if involved with a human.  Their life-spans are pretty much in keeping with humans.


Society:  Ki’ra are the chosen children of Kubesh, and gleefully adhere to the concept of physicality being the utmost of evolutional practices.  They greatly enjoy their sports and competition, indeed anything that involves activity is embraced.  Existing mostly in a tribal format, their lives are centered around their family unit, which they refer to as a ‘pack’.  Larger than most feral animal packs, most of the these roving units range in size from ten to thirty, with multiple packs coming together in an area for socialization- meeting, training, trading, competing, ect.  They are a very passionate people, staging mock-raids of neighboring packs’ livestock and crops, while also engaging in real raids into the Middle Lands as tests of bravery and manhood.


Boisterous and loud, most Ki’ra know how to have a ‘good time’ as much as they know how to swing a sword.

They track their lineages through both the male and female sides, though women are the ones who own land and houses.


At their best: Ki’ra are very strong, swift to help their friends and slow to take offense.

At their worst: territorial and moody, Ki’ra can be very solitary and prone to ‘lone wolf’ syndrome, forgoing ‘civilized knowledge’ as being inferior.  Their blood also runs animal-hot, and a good portion of them have tempers.

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