Monthly Archives: August 2017

Not forgotten, just busy. Also sad.

So, progress made in WWU updates– i completed my 60 hours of work spent on it in NaNo in June, and that means i’m finished the base updates for 1 &2, just need to get in and finish-up the new scenes and deal with some coding bugs.  I don’t think i will make the fall deadline i had hoped for– just too much going on.


I have the ending for Tazu Saga 3, finally. Just got to sit down and write it. With three weeks off between now and classes starting again, i hope i can do it, i really do.


Just finished up four weeks of art summer camp– it went really well and i had a lot of fun with my students, but very little writing happened after week one, as i was tired beyond reason.


In an attempt to stave-off the demon diabetes that stalks my family, i’ve implemented a drastic diet change, and we bought an elliptical. It’s been a month and I’m doing good. Gives me time to think and thinking= writing.


The only wrench in all this personal positive atm is a very close friend of mine received a diagnosis of an aggressive and later stage lung cancer this past week. This is a man who has never smoked a day in his life. He’s extremely dear to me, and massive contributor to Way Walkers as a whole– nearly half of the monsters and mage-tec in the world is based either his direct designs he made for me, or born from hours of talking with him. He has written all of the technical specs for the Way Walkers RPG my friends (and some fans) have used over the last 10 years. He is family, and he is facing a very dark prognosis, with a tough road and bad odds with his head down and a devil-may-care smile on his face. For myself, i know the odds, and if it were anyone else i’d plan for the inevitable– but him, he is one of those rare magical people driven by will who might just beat the damn thing. So i follow his lead, ready for the worst, but willing to fight for the best.


And i will carry on and write, and finish every damn book in my head, because he’d ask me to.


Send good thoughts.

J. Leigh