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Copy Editing!

So my beta testing changes have all been made.  Big props out to P_Tigres and FariyGodfeather in the CoG forums for going above and beyond and finding more coding errors than i ever conceived there could be.  Thank you!  For everyone else, thank you as well– while i’ll not be implementing every change every beta suggested, i did find things from each beta worth knowing/changing/adjusting and i really appreciate all the effort.  You guys made the game better, thank you.


That being said, WW:U2 is officially ‘done’ on my end.  yay!  Now, i don’t know how long it will be in copy editing, so i’m gonna assume at least a week or two.  After that, it’s all about making plan with CoG for a release date, which i’m going to assume, giving the timeline will probably be in late September or October.  When i have an exact date, i will let u guys know.  ^_^


Now i know you all are immediately going to start asking about WW:U3 and THAT release date. XD  Well i just want to let you know that i’ve got all my notes done up, and the vast majority of the plot end of things is all laid out, just needs to be written.  It’s a bit of a tangle, i’ll admit, but since i’ve nailed down exactly whats happening it shouldn’t be too bad.  It WILL take some time though, as i must get working on the sequel to the Tazu novel ASAP and have that either done or nearly done in the next 6 months before the first one comes out so i can keep to my publisher’s schedule.  (and trust me, none of u want to wait two years for THAT cliffhanger XD )  So i’m going to see how it goes and do my best to get things rolling as quickly as possible.  But in all reality it’ll probably be at least another year before we see WW:3.  Keep Calm, and just reread the first two (and the novel!) in the meanwhile ^_^


Holy Beta Testing, Batman!

So, the first wave of beta testing feedback’s hit me in the last 48 hours, and i’m honestly doing my best to not start hyperventilating under the weight of “OMG there’s so much!”  XD


This is a first for me, b/c the last time CoG did a beta test for WW:U it was AFTER they’d submitted it to IOS and Google, so there wasn’t much in the way of changes i could do until after the fact.  >.<;  This time, i actually CAN take this feedback into consideration and, well, wow i got to say just one thing:


man, do ppl have vastly differing opinions O.o


Where Beta tester A raves about how awesome and realistic choice 5 seems, beta tester B thinks it was forced or hokey.  And while one praises me for making scene 8 so intense, another complains the same scene wasn’t holding their interest enough.  XD  Obviously i’m not going to please everyone, and i certainly have my work cut out for me in wading through all these contradictory comments and deciding which i need to leave be and which need to be adjusted.  And i’m still waiting on more feedback to come in, and hoping a few will clarify a few things, but on the whole it’s been very informative.  There’s no major structural problems from what i can tell, just a lot of different little continuity bugs i need to dig in and find in the code.  And spelling errors.  DX  I’m making a long list and will be asking my copy editor very nicely to take another look, then hopefully giving it to a SECOND copy editor who will also run through it.  Hopefully that should end the spelling issues for the most part.  *mutters on about my annoying dyslexia*


Any-who, thats the current update, which shall leave me bogged down in beta-notes for i’m gonna say at LEAST the next week, perhaps more.  And i’m still waiting on the content edit for the novel, so more fun for me if that comes in before i’m done adjusting all the stuff from the beta testers, as that has to get done first for the publisher. XD  Whew, this is gonna be a whirlwind!


I’m done the CoG sequel WW:U2.  Going to sit on the last scene tonight and do some debugging tomorrow, then send it to the copy editor.  After that, we play the waiting game with CoG to get the alpha then beta testing up and running. (for those of u interested the alpha testing will be a closed round done by me, the beta will take place in the CoG forums.  i have NO say in who gets into beta, and my list for alpha is confidential) Then depending on how many changes/fixes i have to do, i’ll need to get back in and tweek things for a week or two.  Meanwhile i’m waiting on the next run of content editing from the novel.  Once that’s done, we have to work on the glossary and pronunciation guide to have ready by the line editing scheduled in October.  I’m also making all my own maps for the book, so, yeah, fun times getting all that done.  I do plan on doing up a whole bunch of notes and plans for WW:U3 before getting back into the Tazu sequel, but ultimately that book will need to be finished before WW:U3.


In other words, i might be done, but it’s still going to be a bit of a wait before it’s out, so please be patient along with me.


But for the rest of tonight, i’m playing Skyrim.



PS—-for those of you who asked after the progress of the Furry Turf Wars:

SAMSUNG  things are doing MUCH better, but they still have their little spats from time to time.  ^_^