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The Muilan are a mysterious race whose exact origins are a matter of debate. Some suspect that, as with many other races on the Continent,  they can be traced back to experiments conducted by the Red Mage, Prothidian Altar. Others believe speculate they were once Native Near-Siders confined only to the Near Side of the Veil, but who were displaced during the Great Fall, and no longer able to entirely phase back into their place of origin. No matter the truth, they are still able to phase in and out of the physical plane and the Near-Side of the Veil, lending them an ability to walk through physical objects that others in the world do not possess. Highly magical, Muilan as a people tend to run tall and be leaner in build than the average human, with the males ranging between six feet even and six-ten inches, while their female counterparts can be anywhere from five foot-eleven to six foot- eight. However, the Tazu are still considered to be the largest in terms of size and bearing.


Many who behold a Muilan would likely describe them as ‘blurry;’ this is due to their position between the physical and spiritual realities. Those who are pure-bred (an increasing rarity due to their mingling with human blood) possess a lavender glow to their skin, almond-shaped eyes, and jet black hair. Their interactions with humans have also given rise to many highly magical family bloodlines, the Lubreean royal family being one such notable offshoot. Beings carrying even partial Muilan ancestry, like their purebred counterparts, are also very Talented.


Society: Regardless of profession, Muilan are beings of royalty, from the king to the lowest kitchen sweeper. Small pocket societies exist and are not adverse to holding court for any who wish to watch, but to cross a Muilan is inviting the wrath of a very powerful being. Courtesy is always advised when speaking to a Muilan. Many are very gifted craftsmen with an affinity to working with silk; their breathtaking and intricate patterns are well-known and revered throughout the Continent. As a people belonging to Rosin, the Mistress of Mages, many Muilan hold magic and the scholarly pursuit of its interests in the highest regard. Most live in the country of Lubreean, abiding by the laws of their monarchy and serving as mages and diplomats where needed.


Country of Origin: Lubreean


At their best:  Due to their inclination and affinity with many magical types, they can be and often are the most skilled race when it comes to working with crafts and charms. Fierce loyalty and kindness to those they trust and have a rapport with is often noted; many Muilan are willing to consider a close friend like a sibling and trusted ally regardless of circumstance, a bond that will often last for life.


At their worst: Muilan can be highly critical of others, always watching for faults in those they dislike or who have slighted them, whether said slight was real or simply perceived. Many are criticized as being either flighty in their emotional responses or lacking emotion altogether; they are also known to be calculating when wronged.

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