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Clan Lands Vella– “Supplies”

The newest Clan Lands Vella is up! Check it out!

Patreon Q&A is up!

Check out the newest Patreon Q&A– where you got to ask questions directly to characters! Read it and more great content on our $8 tier!

“Murder Moon” on Patreon and playable preview!

Awesome new short story up on Patreon “Murder Moon” featuring Hatori from Tazu Saga! Sign up for the $20 tier to read this and tone more content! And remember playable preview for WWU3’s first few chapters is now available for our $12 patrons! Check it out!

WWU 3 Patreon sneak peak!

Excited to announce the first few chapters of WWU3 are available to our Way Walker Tier patrons! Sign up for this sneak peak and tons more content!

And remember, all our patrons above the “just throw money at it” tier will all get a chance to read and play test all our projects before launch. 😁

New short story on Patreon!

Check out the newest short story on Patreon! This one’s about Tar’citadel’s founding– sign up for Patreon to read it and tons more content! Plus the most updated news!

Patreon content!

Additional Content is up on Patreon– a “deleted scene” from Clan Lands Vella Join the Patreon family to see this and tons more!

Way Walkers Clan Lands is Live on Amazon Vella!

check it out here!

Changed into vampiric Clan against her will, Nar’ariel refuses to surrender her soul and Feed from living blood. Lorn has lived his entire life in the bloody gutters of the Clan Lands, fighting for survival. Clanswoman Sha’nell lives in luxury, but as a follower of a Banned Way, is far from an apex predator. A Way Walker arrives, remnant of times before the Grays decreed the Clan rule by Fear and Fang, and magic was banned. Soon, everything they know will change. Co-authored by Mac J Rea.

Negating Destiny now available for preorder!

You heard it, folks! Tazu Saga book #4 is available for pre-order on Amazon! Go grab it while it’s in sale for $2.99 for Kindle!! 😁😁

Semryu on Patreon!

Probably one of the BEST additional content Shorts you’ll ever see– Semryu all grown up in the Middle Lands! Join Patreon today to read this and much more!

Negating Destiny Cover reveal!

CoverReveal #fantasy

Way Walkers: Negating Destiny, by J Leigh and Mac J Rea

The Tazu Saga: Book 4

Bit by bit, stone by stone, Jathen is building a foundation on which will stand his mastery of his rare Ability. If he can survive a few lumps from his teacher, that is. As Jathen gains more confidence and skill, things seem to be going his way, except for a still-looming prophecy of doom.

Seeing the future may be something a Talent like Jathen was born to do, but even Jathen’s most powerful teacher can only help so much in understanding what to do with those visions. Suddenly, the all-too-familiar rumbling beneath his feet begins, and disaster strikes.

Has Jathen gained enough control to weather this storm of conflicting prophecies, evil schemes, and sundering earth? Can he piece together the real motivations behind this new attack, or will the truth, like him, get buried beneath a literal avalanche of ice and snow?