Monthly Archives: January 2023

Happy New Year!

So, a quick up date: I’ve been a little MIA on here due to some medical mishaps (my sweet kitty also passed away and I’m still so sad– thanks to everyone on Facebook and discord who reached out– I appreciate it). BUT I’ve got a clean bill of health and am back and ready to go! As always, the bulk of our news and going-ons are on Patreon, so head on over there to follow the public updates, or get yourself a subscription and get a bunch of worldbuilding, exclusive discord chat access, amazing Q&As, playable previews, and the ability to read the Red Semryu storyline once a month! Check it out here!

Also, we’re hoping to release a playable preview of the first few chapters of WW:U 3 to the public on the CoG forums– I don’t have a date yet, but hopefully in the next few months, so keep an eye out!

And as always thanks for taking a walk in our world!

~J. Leigh