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By far and away the most numerous and diverse of the races, human beings are also the most controversial as far as their origin and status are concerned.  Believed by many to be an ‘inferior’ race because of their many physical drawbacks, they have also come under debate as to whether or not they are as many believe them to be, the First Race.  Humans are compatible with every single race; indeed, were it not for segregation in most areas, half-humans would abound in mass quantities, and over-run the rest of the races.  Inferiority is also under scrutiny because human beings manifest Abilities in a far greater a ratio than in other races, and when such Talents do manifest, the strength of their Abilities are far above average.


Because of the belief that all the races may have steamed originally from the human race, humans have been linked to many an Avatar for their origins: Feator for history, Montage because his is the ‘ultimate way’, Rhean because the first city lies in his lands, ect.  The list goes on and on, but in the end the origins of the human race are unknown.  Angani, however, holds the largest sway over the human population mostly because of her heavy following in Aralim, which is one of the few strictly human countries on the Continent.


Countries of origin & society: All.  There is not a single place on the continent that does not have a human presence in it, ranging from Royal families in Lubreean and Casfeild whose bloodlines have been in fused with Muilan blood and created a higher concentration of magical births; to the human vassals of the Clan Lands and the Middle Lands that at times can border upon slavery of the race.   Again, however, Aralim can be made note of as the ‘for most’ human country, their belief of the human race being the first ‘pure’ race keeping the population almost entirely human in nature.


At their best: humans are adaptable, diverse and quick to deal with changing situations.  They are also a formidable force when working together, and can accomplish great things.  Humans are also the most numerous and often powerful Talents in the world, making up more-than 75% of the Talented population as a whole.

At their worst: humans can be plagued by inferiority complexes, driven by fear, or walking around with a massive chip on their shoulder.  They can be weak, close-minded and prone to doing stupid things while in large groups.

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