Hope for Jathen & offcial University release date

So, the list of publishers currently holding my Way Walkers manuscript Way Walkers: Tazu, aka ‘Jathen’ to read it just grew this week by 2.  Of course, they are two *very* big names, though i don’t want to name them as of yet, simply because i am a superstitious little thing.  XD   It shall be a while until we hear anything, as it always is with publishers (last one took 5 months to get back to us) but in the meanwhile, cross your fingers, people.

I’m aiming to do this writing thing for a while. 😉



Guess what, people!!! I just got the official release date for the interactive novel, Way Walkers: University! It will go live on August 31rst, 2012, and will be downloadable in the app stores for both apple and android! There will also be a version downloadable to computers, and as soon as i have the link, you will see it here! Squee!



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