Update on insanity….

Okay, so ya’all have been bugging me for updates…so here ya go:

I’ve finished the *coding (I think) for the dance scene of the WW:U sequel. It’s fast-approaching 30,000 words (not counting coding) and i’m pretty sure that it’ll beat-out 40k before i’m done, as i still have three of the date conversations to write-up AND the versions of the Sem-prank where you are A)not dating him and B) are trying to stop him.

So you get an idea of what that means for the game overall, the dating-dance scene will be the bulk of the ‘third chapter’ as i track such things. The ‘first chapter’ is done, which consists of another 2 scenes. The ‘second chapter’ is all plotted-out in *coding, but its maybe about 45% done as far as actual writing–it’s one of the bigger chapters because it consists of four scenes similar to the ‘hooky’ chapter in the first part, where u can choose to go with Sem or attend orientation. SO that makes this a four scene chapter even though you’ll only actually see three of them during any one read-through.

And before anyone asks: No, i have NO IDEA how many chapters there are going to be! At least, not yet. DX


And on a further note, so you guys also know whats up with the novels:

I currently have two Way Walkers novels finished, one set in the Clan Lands and one in the Tazu Nation. Both of these represent the beginning of a longer series, though the Tazu Nation one is slotted as a trilogy and the Clan Lands one…well i have no clue how long that insanity shall stretch. Both these books have been sent to many a publisher; they have all been rejected based on a very simple flaw:

They are WAY too LONG. (one is over 220k words and 700 pages, the other is over 260k words and 900pgs)

So, what’s been going on behind closed doors is the editing/trimming/spiting of these books, so some publisher somewhere will want them. Sadly though, b/c i am poor, all this editing and trimming falls to me to do–and it’s tough going when i’m not sure what choices to make as far as what to keep and what not to. Now, we’re still submitting and i’m trying to recruit help, but we just got to see where the chips fall. And of course, i’m doing all this while trying to work on the WW:U sequel, find a another part-time job, or pick up a full time one.

But i’m fighting.


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