Promotions and Amazon update

First, looks like Amazon approved the first part of Way Walkers: University, though we have no clue as to a release date, and will most likely never be able to publish part 2 on kindle.  Yay? i guess?

Anyways, to the more fun stuff!!
Good News! I got a call from my publisher and it looks like the editing process on Way Walkers: Tazu will begin in mid March rather than Mid-May! Yay!
So we’ll be polishing the storyline, fixing plot holes and the like, as well as throwing around ideas for a proper title, as Way Walkers: Tazu is kinda blah. Now i’m terrible with titles, and i figured, why not ask you guys? So, go to the link, read the summery and see if you can come-up with a Way Walkers: ???? title for me. ^_^ If you guys come up with anything good, i’ll pass it on to the publishers and if we actually use it, i’ll make mention of whoever came up with it in the author’s thank yous in the book.



Okay, so Red Adept is doing a MASSIVE giveaway, including Amazon gift cards and free copies of Red Adept books of your choice (i assume this will include Way Walkers when it comes out!) Best thing is, most of the entries are simply likeing things on facebook! so, follow the link, spread the word and WIN FREE STUFF!!!!! 😀



Also, one of my author friends at Red Adept just put this new epic fantasy novel out! It look pretty awesome, so go check it out!


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