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So, was a little grumpy last week, and i apologize for that.  Three books and a huge chunk of the marketing, plus a job and a life is just a lot to be juggling, and i hope all of you understand where i’m coming from a little better. 


So, back to fun things!


The Red Adept urban fantasy novel Oracle of Philadelphia is out!!  I’ve been waiting for this one for a while, and have already grabbed up my copy!  It’s got a special sale price for one day only so head over and get it quick!


Now, onto the Way Walkers front!  This week i’m going to be trying to sort the formal ‘skeleton’ of the WW:U sequel, esstually sorting the major paths and getting this thing formally planned out.  So far i’ve had a general idea of what i’ve been doing as well as a dozen different smaller ideas i want to throw in, and now im finally getting to the point where i need to set the branches in stone and just hammer on through.  The goal is to sort that this week; though i’ll be honest i expect it might take me two.  Either way, i am optimistic it shall be done before the Tazu novel content edit must be started on my end.  *crosses fingers*  The only bad news i have to relate in this is that i simply might not be able to get all i want to into the sequel without going insane, and for that, i am sorry.  I’m going to try, but likely something i had planned will get cut.


However, as a treat i thought i’d post something i know a lot of fans have asked me about: the map of Tar’citadel!  This is my rough map, i hope someday to have the time to formalize it, but over all this still gives you an idea of the vast scope of this magical city:



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