Very Nearly done chapter four

As the title says, I’m very nearly done chapter four of the WW:U sequel.  How many chapters? No clue.  There will be at least four more, i can promise that, though i have to admit the first four chapters of the sequel are already as long as the first part of WW:U if in word-count only.  B/c of the extensive branching, it’s reads as about 1/3 of that. *faints*


Anyways, the reason i’m posting is the chapter i’ve finished is the first week of classes, where a LOT happens, but i find myself wanting to add more with the classes as we go, as you ‘all seem to like that stuff.  (plus more powers are fun)  So i wanted to ask if anyone has any ideas/suggestions of things the MC can ‘do in said classes-specifically the Energy Manipulation, Telepathy, the Language courses and the Biology class.  I have tons of ideas myself (perhaps too many) but am have a hard time sorting the best kinds of *choices for said classes.


So i thought i’d see what you guys were thinking. ^_^

You can post thoughts here or in the respective forums.  I’ll be reading.


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