Fun Facts

The first WW:U is 145,811 words with code, and aprox 131229 without code.  Totaling 26 individual scenes, you can only read 20 of these during any one read through.  It took eight months working an average 6 hours a day to write. Its longest scene is the “clubs” scene, totaling over 24,00 words.


WW:U2 to date is 132,121 words, 118,908 of which is actual text without code.  There are four unfinished scenes in WW:U, making it very likely it will be longer than the original.  WW:U2 however has a total of only 14 scenes, only 10 of which you can read during a play through.  It’s longest scene is the dance scene, which totals over 42,000 words.  I’ve been working on the sequel for over ten months, though i have only averaged about 4 hrs a day working on it, as the time is split between that and the Way Walkers Tazu sequel.


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