Furry delays and last chapter!

So, two weeks ago my bf moved in with his kitty, who was summarily introduced to my kitties.  Ensure furry turf wars.  XD  Things have calmed a bit now, but i admit i’m slightly behind due to a good portion of my daytime hours being eaten up by breaking up what i can only assume is an extensive game of Risk as they sort out the new map of the house XD.


Despite this though, i’m proceeding well through the last chapter of the WW:U sequel, with the first scene about 85% done.  The second and final scene has most of the coding done as well as a good portion of the writing, though i have a feeling i’m going to have to tweek a few things once i polish the first scene.  And possibly add in another scene to button-up things a bit better, but we will see.


In super happy news, i found someone willing to start the copy-editing process while i’m finishing up the rest of the game, and she’s already 1/2 way through!  So that will ease the timeline of getting published considerably!  Yay!  ^_^


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