December hates me

So, as wrist and shoulder aches ebb ito more manageable levels, i’m now beset with a head cold of doom. Fever, aches, sneezing, sore throat, cough AND to top it off, the heater has decided to break.  SO not only am i sick, but i’m slowly freezing with no hope of help coming until the earliest Monday.  UGH  The last craft fair also did not go well, so i’m very, very short on holiday funds due to well just everything.


I also need to confess that i’ve been having a very hard time writing.  It was an issue even before the injury and cold, but it’s not getting better with all this extra piled on.  I’m honestly considering just putting aside everything until the new year, in the hopes that perhaps the moody mess i’ve fallen into will finally pass.


till then,

j. leigh


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