Thank you for your patience….

Line editing on Tangled Paths is done!  *faints from relief*  So, now it goes to proofreading, and then to formatting, and then released!  *squee*  I’m so excited!!!  Now we had a few delays in there because of my shoulder issues, plus wedding fun and just general life going sideways, so my editor says we’ll most likely not make a March release date at this point.  😦  (sorry guys!)  BUT we should see a late April or early May release (in time for my birthday, yay!) so keep your eyes peeled and some money ready in yr accounts.  😉


As far as other Way Walkers projects, I’m doing my very best to make sure you guys have at least one tile a year– so last year you got Way Walkers university2, this year you will get Tangles Paths, next year, 2015 (i hope) you will get University3, and then again, hopefully the sequel to Tangled Paths in 2016.  It’s not a perfect system, and i can’t promise this is how it will turn-out, but that’s what i’m aiming for.  ^_^


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