The Dance of Three Houses.

So, my husband and i were offered the one hundred year old family home to live in while his family fixes it up. (we might buy it eventually) So, packing and cleaning at our place while emptying and fixing up the hundred year home. Then my mother decided she wants to move my elderly grandfather in with her so she can take care of him. So then i’m helping pack and clean at his house with the intention of selling that. So since the end of January, i’ve been dancing between three houses, cleaning packing and trying not to go insane. To add to the crazy, a water pipe in my mother’s house burst yesterday and there’s three inches of water throughout her downstairs. o now cleaning THAT. (also we had a bunch of our stuff there during the transition so we lost some things in the flood.)

And yet, through all of this, i managed to finish the sequel to Tangled Paths.

It’s been submitted to Red Adept’s acquisitions, but it’ll be a few months until i hear back on if it’s accepted or not. Meanwhile i’m still chasing my tail on houses. Hopefully i’ll be done all this crazy by May and can get to WW:U3, but no promises.

Pray for my sanity in the meanwhile. >.<


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