I probably should be writing….

…but im just so ruddy busy. >.<

Fall clean up at the house (imagine an actual delivered dumpster full of stuff from the garages plus mountains of brush), Halloween party prep (six carved pumpkins a halloween gingerbread house and idk how much food and decorations), beading inventory replenishing, a funeral (husbands grandmother), sick, halloween mask contest for my art students, and just trying to live somewhere in between it all. Thus has been my last three weeks.

At yet, through it all, i’ve been compiling. Writing notes, making skeletons of scenes, fixing plot holes and over all setting the stage for you guessed it, NanoWriMo. once again, i shall brace my poor hands and sanity to endeavor to write 50,000 words in a month. The goal, my friends, if to either take a big chunk out of the massive monster that is WWU:3, or finish entirely the third novel of the Tazu Saga. Or both.

Wish me luck, my friends– as i’m also hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. XD

~J. Leigh


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