Kitten, writing, working, and ideas

SO– i’ve been so busy poking around the forums and my FB page i’ve neglected the journal XD. Sorry guys >.<


Anyways, big thing on the home front– we got a new kitten in Oct! His name is Loki and he’s adorable. My friend who is sick has made it though surgery and his first round of chemo. Outlook is actually super good, all things considered!


Books stuffs: The third Tazu Saga book is done, submitted and accepted by Red Adept Publishing– line edits to start sometime after the new year, idk when.


The update for WW:U1 &2 is done and submitted and might go live as soon as Monday, so keep your eyes peeled! You can now play as any gender– male, female, trans, fluid or neutral, & there are two full new scenes in each game, and expanded scenes in both as well. You can also now earn achievements in both games! 😀 I am also plotting additional DLCs (download contents) that might be available after WW:U3 is done– the chance to play as non-human race as well as some other surprises. 😉


WW:U3 is currently taking up most of my time. No, i still don’t know how long, but top priority. Until then, enjoy the updates in 1 &2– that content is my gift to you guys for waiting so long. XD


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