Way Walkers Lore: Ra’vien’s words

I’m going to start writing up some of these Lore posts, wherein I’ll share some tidbit about the world, or some aspect of Way Walkers. I’ll also draw from forum posts and fb, so any questions you have, feel free to post and I’ll place the answers in a special lore post for all to see. 🙂


Today we have some ruminations from the Aspect of Rhean, Ra’vien. While he is Protection, she is Punishment– deliverer of divine karmic justice. Culturally, she is terrifying. Taking the form of a phoenix whose body is made of black smoke and whose core burns as a blue-white star, she literally murders evil things. (and people)


And yet, she is not vengeance. This is an excerpt from a text written during her second Incarnation which better explains the difference between her and the wickedness that is the Red:


Some call me twisted, wicked, claiming my hands are drenched only in the dark stain of vengeance; this is untrue. I am not the spirit of vengeance– but karmic justice. This is removed even, from mortal justice, made by mortal lives and flawed in it’s own right. Mine is Higher, mine is truer. When I punish it is evil, the true evil, that no Ishim can escape. Thus follows the inevitable question: how can anyone truly define evil? There are always circumstances– does the poor man deserve to lose his hand if he steals to feed his family? Does the murder who killed to save a life deserve to be hunted down and murdered in turn by another for the first crime? And on and on it goes. But i say it is simple– with less moral quandary than Ishim add into it. Evil is obvious– Ishim might wrap it up, pretend it is areas of gray and without absolute, but this is untrue. Identifying evil is as simple as the answer to a simple question: what does one do, when one discovers they are wrong? Do they dig in, piling previous belief upon previous belief atop their heads until buried under a pile of falsehoods? Or do they rise– accept the truth of the harm caused, and do what is needed to make it right? There are those of course caught in the middle, dancing back and forth between philosophies– and these do not receive my judgement until decided. But for those who do not repent in their hearts and with their actions– fear me. For I am coming.



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