House updates

So, we found a house to buy! Yay! But we still need to sell the old house to afford it! D: Basically we have til May 3rd to make this work, so send Good Vibes or whatever else accommodates yr spiritual views. The sooner this happens, the smoother the transition and the easier things will be once baby comes. Also i will have a swimming pool and a soaking tub, my two favorite things to relax in! Relaxed J. Leigh is a happy, writing, J. Leigh so yay. ^_^ Until then, PACKING. SO much PACKING


On baby front, little squish is going strong (kicking and loop de loops started this week, trippy) and all looked well on the anatomy scan, though little bugger wouldn’t let us see the heart. So, we get an extra fetal echo next week. Kinda cool, so i’m not too worried. Otherwise kiddo is healthy. 🙂


Writing wise, i’m still plugging away, stealing moments of writing when i can between naps and endless baby appointments and so much packing. My life is naps and boxes. But, i’ve gotten more done in the Biology class scene and am halfway through the miniature drake dissection portion. I’m particularly proud of this as it’s been a while since i’ve managed to work so long without a plot hole existential crisis. >_<; Hopefully things continue to go well despite the chaos.


Also, daylight savings time can die. I hate it and it ruined my sleep cycle which was already precarious. oooof.


Anyways, wish us luck and i’ll hopefully be in touch soon!


~J. Leigh


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