Spring Update for WWU and Tazu Saga

Hi everybody, J Leigh and my co-author Mac J Rea here!

We decided it was high time to put out a post sort of to bring up everyone not hanging around the Patreon discord chat to speed, as well as make some big announcements. 🙂

Hello all, Mac here! First and foremost, I want to say WWU3 is going well, but there is a lot of work. There are roughly three big hurdles ahead of us, and we are currently working right now on the first two problems: organizing our story “strings” and then unknotting the remaining plot knots. AKA: first, re-coding and reorganizing many of the existing files for WWU3; then, writing the final sections that couldn’t be written until the problems in the existing files were fixed. Not all existing files needed to be re-coded, but some chapters/storylines are monster teardowns and rebuilds. It is so worth it, though, because the story J. Leigh was working on is fantastic. Without these efficiency gains and structural changes, the full spectrum of available storylines had become unworkable. (Which is literally why I needed Mac to come on so badly– she’s saving my brain, seriously, and I love her for it!)

Second, as we recode old files, it will allow us to start working on untying the final plot knots. Having two of us is helpful: We can take turns alternately re-coding and writing new material in different files They are very different kinds of writing tasks and switching helps us avoid burn-out (which was also a wall J kept slamming into badly)

The third and final stage of WWU3’s development will be game-balancing and playtesting. We have a while to go before we are there for the entire game. However, when we finish a good, large, stand-alone chunk of playable game, that is sometimes posted for the monthly Playable Preview for our patrons at the Way Walker and High Mage Tiers. The Birthday Party Preview for all patrons was the result of reaching our last push goal. We haven’t quite figured out what our next push goal will be, but have considered doing something else for/from WWU3. While I enjoy working with J to write the Q&A posts and things like that, bushwhacking through WWU3’c code is pretty much my full time job. I can do that thanks to the support on patreon. ❤

So yeah… thanks for supporting us and having patience. We are working hard and even though I occasionally gripe about the eye strain it truly is a joy to be doing it!

Hi, J. Leigh again! Isn’t Mac great?? I’m a gonna gush about her for a second and then, big announcement! If you don’t know, Mac’s been proofreading and alpha reading and brainstorming and just generally being my awesome Way Walkers buddy since we met in college, and I’ve been begging her to come co-author pretty much since then. Well, as you all know, she did come co-author officially for WW:U Halloween, which has been a big success!

But the even more awesome announcement is thus:
Mac J. Rea is now my official co-author for the Way Walkers Novel series, Tazu Saga!

This will be including the upcoming Negating Destiny, which she helped me with exponentially, and my publishers at RAP are happily helping me acknowledge her contributions by making Mac a full RAP author– with her name on Negating Destiny and everything! I am BEYOND EXCITED about this, and I know it will mean wonderful things for the future of Way Walkers. Mac has now and always been the other half of my brain, and we are a spectaculair team. I can’t wait to show everyone what’s to come. ^_^

Thanks for taking a Walk in our World!
~J. Leigh & Mac J. Rea

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