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Genoa Patreon sneak peek!

Check out the newest public sneak peek!

Thank you! ❤️

Semryu Dress up on Patreon!

Newest Additional Content is up on Patreon! Join at High Mage level to see it and so, so much more!

WWU 3 Preview- potion

Head to the Patreon to see the public snippet from WWU3, and sign up as a Way Walker Tier on Patreon to actually play the full scene in November!

WWU Halloween and I’m an idiot

So Way Walker University s Halloween DLC went Live on the 22, but because of bugs and then family drama I posted it everywhere except here 🤦

So HALLOWEEN is bug free, full of pretty artwork and please don’t be mad at me for posting so late. 😓

Also in good news– we’re only $100 away from the first push goal for Patreon: the release of the WWU3 birthday party for all Patreon Tiers above the general support level! Thank you so much and do help us get all the way there! 😁

WW:U Halloween DLC Date

We had a few hiccups, but we should be releasing the Halloween DLC on all platforms as well as WW:U1 &2 for the first time on STEAM on Oct 22! Stay tuned!

Tangled Paths Print copies and Halloween DLC dates

Print copies are up in the RAP store for anyone who wants a hard copy of Tainted Talent, and the amazon and other bookstores should be linking up and becoming available shortly. 😁

Also, Way Walkers: University Halloween DLC will be going live hopefully around the 8th this month– some platforms are little faster/slower, so keep and eye out! 😉

Tentative Halloween DLC release date!

In case you haven’t seen it in the CoG forums, Way Walkers University Halloween DLC has a tentative release date for October 1st, along with both games getting released onto STEAM for the first time! Keep an eye out!

Can’t wait that long? Sign up for the Way Walkers Patreon for sneak peaks, alpha reads, and tons more!

Tainted Talent is LIVE

Book three of the Tazu Saga is finally live, folks! Head on over, grab your copy today and make sure to leave a review!!

Halloween DLC is done!

After a great deal of time, sweat, tears and several meltdowns, the WWU Halloween DLC is done and sent to the publisher. Me and my writing-machine of a co-author Mac Rea are gonna take a well deserved nap, and then we’re going to see what the future holds for Way Walkers 💜

To all my fans, thank you for getting me here, and hang in there with me. There really is more amazing to come.