So, i officially signed, notarized and mailed in the contract today for Way Walkers: Tazu.  My beloved Jathen will soon be available for the world to read.  It’s….humbling.


Beyond that, however, is the loom of reality: the editing process.  While i am honestly far, far less nervous over this than i ever thought i would be thanks to the good folks at Red Adept, i still find my self measuring the reality in my mind of needing to trim nearly 80,000 words from my 220,000 word epic in order to meet the printing requirements.  XD  It’s maddening, but as i said, i am calmer than expected.  I trust my new editors and publisher.  ^_^


The other reality is the delay i know this will cause with the CoG sequel to WW:U.  I honestly dont know how much this will need to get shuffled, as i have no idea how long the editing process will be for Jathen.  And then, of course, Jathen’s sequel will need to be finished as well.  What a wonderful problem to have, i think, so many projects to be finished and so many people who will want to see them.  ^_^


I’m looking forward to this ride.


~J. Leigh


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