Culling the herd….

So, in a rush attempt to get as much done as possible before i’m inundated with the editing of Way Walkers: Tazu, i’ve been pouring over the notes for WW:U, and have come to a simple, but important conclusion.  I’ve been tossing this around for a while, but now it shines ever the more clear:  In order to get this down to a manageable size, i’m going to have to start ending certain plot line threads.  And the easiest and best way to do this is how they went about it in the original Choose Your Own Adventure series: by killing off the main character.  Pertinently.

I plan to try and kill everyone off well and logically, depending on what choices have been made, so it’s still a decent reading experience despite the earlier ending.  Keep in mind this will mostly apply to main characters who have been refusing to follow the main plot line, have made some nasty enemies, or honestly have gotten far too Red for the their own good.  XD  It’s wont really apply to arbitrary choices, so don’t worry; deciding to confront the bully won’t lead to your untimely demise–however, choosing to go headlong against Semryu….not so good an idea.  Also, as the story progresses, there will be an increase in the possibility of deaths, simply to again, cull the herd of possible threads.  While this might lead to some slightly agitated readers who keep making wrong choices, it will ultimately help me keep my sanity, cut down on the volume i have to write, and possibly (and its a big possibly) allow for another sequel in the storyline.  MAYBE.

You have been warned.

Let the slaughter begin.

~j. leigh


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