The 150 likes WW:U Preview

“So,” you ask, rubbing yours hand together eagerly.  “What’s this prank entail?  ‘Cause knowing you, it’s got to be more involved than freezing a punch bowl.”


Semryu bursts out laughing.  “Alright, alright you caught me.”  He shakes his head at you, grinning.  “Freezing is a distraction to keep innocent bystanders from falling prey to the true plan.  I’ve actually got a pretty interesting tincture here that will have a bit of a ‘fun’ effect on anyone who drinks it.  My main targets are Clay and Cael,” he chuckles.


“What will it do?”


“They will turn a lovely shade of blue,” he confesses, laughing.  “For at least twenty-four hours–and the best part is it won’t take effect until about halfway through the first day of school…”


“That sounds like just the right amount of mischief, Sem,” you snicker.  “Let’s go.”


Slipping away from the crowded dance floor, the pair of you slink along the parameter of the couches toward the tables of refreshments, seeking your targets.  “Well, there’s Cael watching the door, still,” you point-out.


“And there’s Clay on the dance floor with Genoa,” Sem comments, sounding annoyed.  “I can’t wait to see him blue–he’s been an uppity bastard in dueling ever since Genoa folded and agreed to come with him tonight.”


Really?” you blink, surprised.  Craning you neck to confirm, you do see her there with him.  Admittedly, the fellow Exemplary Talent doesn’t look all too enraptured by her date.  “I’d think Miss Martel had better sense than to date that brute.”


“So did I.”


“So how are we going to get them to get some punch,” you inquire, “and then how are we going to get your little ‘tincture’ into it before they drink it?”


“Well, to be safe, we probably can’t get both of them without risking more of the student populace turning blue,” he says as the pair of you come to stand near the tables of food and the intended punch bowl.  “Much as I enjoy a good prank, I don’t like humiliating the undeserving.  So, we need to pick who gets it–and I’m thinking it’s only fair you do the honors, ${sem_nickname}.”


            #”I want to get Clay–he needs to get knocked down a few pegs.”

                        *set cael_blue “false”

                        *goto make_clay_blue2

            #”Master Cael without question–I want to get him back for failing us last semester.”

                        *goto make_cael_blue2


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