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So my brain is hitting WW:U overload again, and while i can say i got a lot done in the ‘classes start’ chapter 4, i haven’t gotten as much done on the overall story-arch skeleton as i wanted to.  Parts of chapter 2 are still not done, and i found a whole bunch of editing mistakes and continuity issues in the dating and dance chapter 3 which i must fix.  DX  Still, progress is progress.


Anyways, a lot of you guys have been clamoring for more information on the ‘new girl’, Shelly, so i decided to give-out a quick peek at her introduction in the game as a kind of ‘i’m so sorry this is taking so long’ gesture:


Entering the library, you find it incredibly silent with classes not in session. Every breath you take seems to echo loudly across its high ceilings. No wonder Sem wanted to meet here, you conclude. Moving about the aisles of books and tables however, you can’t seem to find him, and begin to worry that you’ve somehow missed the Clan boy.

“Looking for Semryu?”

You start a little at the sound of the unfamiliar voice. Turning, you recognize the fifteen-year-old girl who works in the library as her student job. She’s always reminded you of the Headmaster’s assistant Ives, as she has similar black hair in a bowl-cut and sleek, dark-rimmed glasses. She’s more attractive than Ives though, as her face isn’t always contorted in flustered panic, and her deep brown eyes have a much gentler mien.

“Yes,” you answer her. “You’re Shelly, right?”

“Yes,” she replies with a slip of a smile, shifting the pile of books in her arms. You get the distinct impression she’s pleased you’d remembered, given you’d only really spoken to her in passing. “And you’re Sem’s friend, Rei.”

“Yes, I am,” you nod. “Have you seen him?”

“I just let him up on the third level,” she gestures to the stairwell with her chin.

“Third level?” You follow her gaze, only to get a small shiver down your spine. “I didn’t know there was a third level. What’s up there?”

“Go see,” she says with that same small smile. “Just knock at the gate–Sem will let you in.”

“Gate?” You blink, surprised, but Shelly has already walked away. Resolved, you head up the stairwell, only to find, as promised, a tall metal gate filling the doorway and blocking your path. Through it, you can finally see Semryu, reading away calmly at a table. He raises his head when you knock, then comes over to let you in.




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