I’m done the CoG sequel WW:U2.  Going to sit on the last scene tonight and do some debugging tomorrow, then send it to the copy editor.  After that, we play the waiting game with CoG to get the alpha then beta testing up and running. (for those of u interested the alpha testing will be a closed round done by me, the beta will take place in the CoG forums.  i have NO say in who gets into beta, and my list for alpha is confidential) Then depending on how many changes/fixes i have to do, i’ll need to get back in and tweek things for a week or two.  Meanwhile i’m waiting on the next run of content editing from the novel.  Once that’s done, we have to work on the glossary and pronunciation guide to have ready by the line editing scheduled in October.  I’m also making all my own maps for the book, so, yeah, fun times getting all that done.  I do plan on doing up a whole bunch of notes and plans for WW:U3 before getting back into the Tazu sequel, but ultimately that book will need to be finished before WW:U3.


In other words, i might be done, but it’s still going to be a bit of a wait before it’s out, so please be patient along with me.


But for the rest of tonight, i’m playing Skyrim.



PS—-for those of you who asked after the progress of the Furry Turf Wars:

SAMSUNG  things are doing MUCH better, but they still have their little spats from time to time.  ^_^


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