Holy Beta Testing, Batman!

So, the first wave of beta testing feedback’s hit me in the last 48 hours, and i’m honestly doing my best to not start hyperventilating under the weight of “OMG there’s so much!”  XD


This is a first for me, b/c the last time CoG did a beta test for WW:U it was AFTER they’d submitted it to IOS and Google, so there wasn’t much in the way of changes i could do until after the fact.  >.<;  This time, i actually CAN take this feedback into consideration and, well, wow i got to say just one thing:


man, do ppl have vastly differing opinions O.o


Where Beta tester A raves about how awesome and realistic choice 5 seems, beta tester B thinks it was forced or hokey.  And while one praises me for making scene 8 so intense, another complains the same scene wasn’t holding their interest enough.  XD  Obviously i’m not going to please everyone, and i certainly have my work cut out for me in wading through all these contradictory comments and deciding which i need to leave be and which need to be adjusted.  And i’m still waiting on more feedback to come in, and hoping a few will clarify a few things, but on the whole it’s been very informative.  There’s no major structural problems from what i can tell, just a lot of different little continuity bugs i need to dig in and find in the code.  And spelling errors.  DX  I’m making a long list and will be asking my copy editor very nicely to take another look, then hopefully giving it to a SECOND copy editor who will also run through it.  Hopefully that should end the spelling issues for the most part.  *mutters on about my annoying dyslexia*


Any-who, thats the current update, which shall leave me bogged down in beta-notes for i’m gonna say at LEAST the next week, perhaps more.  And i’m still waiting on the content edit for the novel, so more fun for me if that comes in before i’m done adjusting all the stuff from the beta testers, as that has to get done first for the publisher. XD  Whew, this is gonna be a whirlwind!


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